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Landscape Character Assessments

What is a Landscape Character Assessment?

We want to preserve the features of our local landscape for the future. We use Landscape Character Assessments to:

  • find out what makes our borough's landscape so unique
  • make sure any future developments do not change or take away the area's natural features

In 2007, consultants did a Landscape Character Assessment for the borough. They found which features made the largest contributions to the character of areas in the borough. Their report provided a strategy for how to protect, conserve and enhance the land.

We used the Landscape Character Assessment report when we wrote our Local Plan. This means we have a strategy for managing:

  • what can be built in the borough
  • where developments can take place

By using the Landscape Character Assessment, we can make sure all local developments:  

  • conserve and/or enhance the characteristics of Guildford's landscape, villages, and towns
  • maintain locally valued features
  • enhance or restore any deteriorating local features
  • respect the relationship between towns, villages, and the countryside
  • conserve and/or enhance local views, landscape features and landmarks
  • stay in line with local building styles and materials
  • support our efforts to look after plants and animals living in the borough

If you're planning a development in the area, you should read our Landscape Character Assessment reports. They show you which features you'll need to help conserve, improve and/or protect.

How are areas in the borough sorted?

The Landscape Character Assessment is split into three reports. Each covers a different type of area within the borough. These are:

  • rural areas
  • rural-urban fringe areas
  • urban areas

You can check which kind of area your development is in using our Landscape Character Assessment master map (PDF) [140KB] . If your development would be on the border between two types of area, you should read the reports for both.

Read Guildford's Landscape Character Assessment reports