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Guildford Local Plan

The Local Plan sets out our vision for Guildford. We use it to: 

  • guide development in towns and villages
  • protect and enhance the environment 
  • develop the economy 
  • improve leisure and visitor facilities 
  • support sustainable travel 

We use policies from two Local Plans: 

Local Plan: Strategy and Sites (2015 - 2034) 

The Local Plan: Strategy and Sites (2015 - 2034) was adopted in 2019.

Guildford Local Plan: Strategy and Sites (2015 - 2034)  (PDF) [11MB] (opens new window)

Saved policies from the Local Plan 2003 

Guildford Local Plan 2003 (saved policies) (PDF) [2MB] (opens new window)

The 2019 Local Plan replaced some 2003 policies. Replaced policies are shown in crossed-out red text. We're currently producing the Local Plan: Development Management Policies, which will replace the remaining 2003 policies.

Read how recent legislation affected some Local Plan policies.

Some policies cover the whole borough and others only apply in specific areas. Policies which apply to specific areas are called spatial policies. Use the 'Local Plan 2015 to 2034' tab of our interactive map to see where spatial policies apply.

You can read hard copies at our Millmead office.  

How was the 2019 Local Plan examined? 

Read Documents from the Local Plan 2019 examination 

How was the 2019 Local Plan challenged? 

Find out about challenges to the 2019 Local Plan

Local Plan Review

Guildford Borough Council decided not to undertake an early review of the Local Plan Strategy and Sites 2015 to 2034. You can see the decision and the reasons by visiting our meeting webpage on Tuesday 5 April 2022.

Local Plan: Development Management Policies (Local Plan part 2)

The Local Plan part 2 is being examined by the Secretary of State. Visit the Local Plan part 2 webpage to find out more.