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Parking Standards for New Development SPD

Read the Parking Standards for New Development SPD. (PDF) [2MB]

This SPD contains guidance for Local Plan policies that cover parking for new development.

It supersedes the 2006 Vehicle Parking Standards SPD.

The document contains: 

  • an overview of the relevant policies and wider policy context
  • parking standards for non-strategic sites
  • guidance on the application of standards for all sites
  • design guidance for all sites

We also carried out a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) screening.

Read our determination statement. (PDF) [374KB]

We made the decision to adopt the SPD on 20 March 2023.

Read the meeting minutes (opens new window)

You may also wish to read our adoption statement (PDF) [85KB] and consultation statement. (PDF) [202KB]

Residential car parking standards calculator 

The calculator will help determine the level of car parking to be provided by new residential development.

The calculator follows:

  • Policy ID10 of the Local Plan: Development Management Policies (for strategic sites) 
  • Parking Standards for New Development SPD (for non-strategic sites)

It does not include calculations for parking standards set in adopted Neighbourhood Plans. These may take precedence over the Guildford Borough Council standards. 

The calculator is provided:

  • without prejudice to any decision the council may take in the future 
  • as a tool only. The results are not binding on the council or any of its committees

Download the  residential car parking standards calculator (Excel doc) [1MB]