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Apply for a road closure

You can apply for a road closure for events such as parades and processions, street parties, Christmas lights illuminations and celebrations of marked events, such as Bonfire Night.

Applications cost £175.

Apply for a road closure

Applications for Remembrance Day events and Street Play are free. Other events and national celebrations such as the Big Lunch are decided on a case by case basis.

Notes for applicants

The Council is permitted to make a road closure order under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 only where roads are likely to be crowded or obstructed during an event on or near a highway.

The Council reserves the right to refuse an application if:

  • you are unable to satisfy the Council that the event falls within the Act
  • if there are objections which the Council considers to be valid and cannot be resolved
  • if the Council is not satisfied with any of the arrangements made and/or if you have not complied with the guidance in this note

For special or large events, you may be able to apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (opens new window) under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 from Surrey County Council.

You will be responsible for the costs involved and ensuring that manned barriers and signage are in place. Details of providers can be found on Street Party (opens new window) or contact your local sign maker/hire shop.

If you're using traffic signs, they need to follow government regulations (opens new window). Advanced warning signs should have a yellow background with black text. General information signs should have a white background with black text.

Before submitting your application, you should consider the implications of the road closure for emergency service access, bus operators, taxi operators and Highways (Surrey County Council) and others who may be inconvenienced by it. You should discuss the proposals with:

During the event, there must be clear access at all times for emergency vehicles. This also applies to small street parties. You must have a plan of how the emergency services can get access if there is an accident.

The Council strongly advises you to carry out a risk assessment for your event and consider purchasing public liability insurance. Further information on public liability insurance and risk assessments can be found online at Street Party (opens new window) or The Big Lunch (opens new window).

The site must be left clean and tidy after the event. You will be responsible for clearing your own rubbish.

If you are planning to sell alcohol to the public, you will need to contact the Council's Licensing department for advice on any licence that you will be required to obtain. If everyone brings their own alcohol then you will not need a licence.

You should apply for a road closure at least 8 weeks before the closure date so we have time to process your application. We can't guarantee we can process your application if it's received later than this time.

The person completing the form will be the named representative who will be available at all times immediately before, during and after the event so they can be contacted by the Council, Surrey County Council or the Police if necessary.