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Site inspections

We're changing the closing time for booking site inspections.  From 28 May 2024 you will need to book your site inspection by 4:00pm on a working day before the inspection is required.

We inspect building work to make sure it meets building regulations requirements (opens new window). We may also carry out routine site inspections without notifying you first. Our inspections should not be used instead of either:

  • full supervision
  • workmanship/quality checks

You'll need to arrange these yourself.

You, your agent, or your builder must tell us when work on your site reaches each of the stages below. Various notices are also required to be submitted and these are shown on Notify Us- Guildford Borough Council.

Site inspections are the same for full plans applications and building notices.

Site inspection notification

If your project involves any of the stages below, you must notify us so we can inspect the site. In most cases, you need to give a day's notice. Some inspections (such as commencement, occupation and completion inspections) need five days' notice.

Inspection requests must be received before 4.00pm (on a working day) before the inspection is required to enable us to inspect on the next working day. We are unable to provide timed appointments. You must have someone to meet our inspector at the site.

Our site inspections take place Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), between 10.30am and 2.30pm.

How to book an inspection

To book your visit, you can either:

It's the property owner/duty holder's responsibility to ensure we're contacted when each stage of a building project is ready for inspection, and a final inspection must be booked within 5 days of completion of work. This enables us to record evidence of all work that has taken place, and to issue our Completion Certificate at the end of the project subject to receipt of any Competent Person Scheme (opens new window)  notifications.

We operate a zero tolerance policy to disrespectful behaviour on site visits.

Site inspections and Notification process

Stages of work at which you need to arrange a site inspection

Stage of workNotice requiredMore information

Notify us of the start of work

2 days

Please complete and return the form which can be accessed at Notify Us- Guildford Borough Council

Excavation of foundations

1 day

We may visit more than once.

Notify us of commencement of work

within 5 days of commencement

The construction work is considered started if the foundations have been poured with concrete. If the project does not involve foundations, the work is considered started once 15% of the overall work has been completed. This detail is part of your application form.

Please complete and return the form which can be accessed at Notify Us- Guildford Borough Council

Before covering oversite

1 day

We will check if you've made good
preparations and make sure the roof
membrane overlaps with the dpc course

Before covering the damp proof course
and/or membrane

1 day

We check the course has been laid correctly
and that it's the right height.

Laying drains (before covering drains/sewers)

1 day

We check all access, cleaning, and rodding
points. We advise you test the drains before

Superstructure (steelwork/roof/floor structures)

1 day

We check new structural installations against the structural design submitted.  This may require various inspections

Insulation (Walls/roof/floor)

1 day

We check the external envelope for compliance with the building regulations

Fire protection

1 day

Fire protection to steelwork and other structural load bearing elements as required
Testing drains for water
1 dayYou should use an air or water test for above
and below ground drainage (and all fittings).
Do the test after they've been covered
Occupation (usually only
required where part of the
building is finished for
example a flat)
5 days 
Notify us of Occupation of part of a building where the
Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 applies or will
apply to the building after the works     
5 daysPlease complete and return the form which can be accessed at Notify Us- Guildford Borough Council
Notify us of Completionwithin 5 days of completionPlease complete and return the form which can be accessed at Notify Us- Guildford Borough Council
Completion5 days