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Find out about the Sustainable Movement Corridor project

Find out what we are doing to improve pedestrian and cycling paths, as well as bus transport, between Royal Surrey County Hospital and Guildford Train Station.

Project description

The project is a collaboration between us, Surrey County Council and Highways England. It includes four phases of work that aim to improve the sustainable travel for cyclists, pedestrians and bus users in the area between University of Surrey and the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Phase 1

In 2019, we completed a new pedestrian and cycle path running through Bannister's Field. It creates a safe route for people walking from the Royal Surrey Hospital to Tesco.

Phase 2A

In 2020, we made cycle and pedestrian improvements linking Tesco to the University of Surrey. This gives a safe route for residents, students and those working at the Royal Surrey Hospital and Research Park.

Phase 2B

We will start Phase 2B early in 2021. This will mean pedestrian and bus lane improvements in Guildford Park Road at the back of Guildford Train station. The start date is still to be decided.

Phase 3

We will be installing traffic lights at Egerton Roundabout and making bus lane improvements in 2021. The work is expected to start early in 2021.

Benefits of the project

The Sustainable Movement Corridor aims to give a more sustainable, safer way of travelling in Guildford. It will do this by improving walking and cycling routes, as well as improving bus journey times and reliability. Once completed, these improvements will encourage more people to cycle, walk and use public transport.

Scheme proposals for the Sustainable Movement Corridor are included in the:

  • new Local Plan
  • Surrey County Council adopted borough-level transport strategy as part of their Local Transport Plan.


The project is mainly funded through the EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) with match funding from us. Extra funding for the project comes from Surrey County Council and Highways England.

Details by phase

Phase 1:

Banister's Field SMC

The first phase of the project was building a walking and cycling route through Bannister's Field. This included surfacing an existing informal route through the park linking Egerton Road with Ashenden Road.

Phase 2A

Phase 2A 1 SMC

Phase 2A 2 SMC

Phase 2a included making an existing pedestrian cycle route better by widening the path to 4m. This was to help pedestrians and cyclists share the path safely.

Phase 2A - General Arrangement (PDF) [4MB]

Phase 2b

This phase of the project aims to reduce the traffic at the back entrance of Guildford Train Station, improving the pedestrian crossing and paths.

Phase 2B General Arrangement (PDF) [809KB]

Phase 3

Tesco roundabout SMC

Phase 3 will include installing traffic lights at the Tesco roundabout junction. Other key features will include:

  • an additional approach lane from the A3 off slip
  • a bus lane and bus gate from Egerton Road east
  • a toucan crossing of Egerton Road west of the junction
  • minor alterations to the Egerton Rd / Gill Avenue junction

Phase 3 General Arrangement (PDF) [2MB]

This part of the project involves some major highway works, including improvements to the A3 access road.

The overall project is expected to finish in June 2021.