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Update: water supply issues in the GU1, GU2, GU3, GU4 and GU5 areas has been resolved

The majority of customers' supply should have returned by now. However for those who are still without supply, this will be as a result of air pockets. Read advice from Thames Water about no water or low pressure

If you are still experiencing issues with your water supply this morning you can get free bottled water from a Thames Water bottled water station. For water stations opening times and updates, visit Thames Water website.

If you need support from an engineer to get your water supply back to normal, please call Thames Water on 0800 316 9800.

Business opportunities and tenders

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If your organisation wants to do business with us you need to register on our intend portal.

Register on our intend portal

Once you have registered, you can use the portal below to view tender documents and submit a response.

View tender documents and submit your response

What you need to know

As a council we have a responsibility to ensure our procurement is ethical. We look at the following when deciding which businesses to work with:

  • environmental/climate change impact:

Our aim is to work with businesses that reduce their carbon footprint 

  • social value:

We are committed to the Public Services Act Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 2021. We aim to work with businesses that meet the requirements of the act

  • modern day slavery:

We have adopted the Modern Slavery Motion. We aim to work with businesses that meet the following requirements:

  1. contracted workers are free to join a trade union. They will not be treated unfairly for belonging to one
  2. you should publish a whistle-blowing system. This is for staff to report any suspected examples of modern slavery

We publish a whistle-blowing system for staff. They can report any suspected examples of modern slavery by anyone who works with us. We report any indications of modern slavery to the National Crime Agency.

  • supporting local businesses:

We welcome and encourage bids from small and medium sized businesses

Top tips on securing a contract with us

How we pay our suppliers

We aim to pay our suppliers within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

Our current contracts 

You can view details of our current contracts below. You can see when these contracts are due for renewal. This register is updated every three months.

Contract register September 2022 (PDF) [545KB]