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Find out what goes in your bins

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Type the item you want to throw away into the search box below. This tells you which bin to use and any special instructions to follow. You'll also see the nearest recycling location that accepts your waste. 

Make sure we can collect your waste

If you put waste in the wrong bin, we will not be able to collect it. The bin will be 'contaminated', and you'll have to take any incorrect waste out. You'll also have to wait up to two weeks for us to empty your bin.

Use the guide below to see what you can put in each bin.

Green recycling bin

What can and cannot be put in your green bin
Yes please:No thanks:
✔ Paper, card, newspapers and magazinesBlack bags
✔ Glass bottles and jarsExpanded polystyrene
✔ Empty tins, cans and cartons✗ Hard plastics, cling film or bubble wrap
✔ Empty aerosol cans✗ Food waste, crisp packets or sweet wrappers
✔ Clean foil and foil trays✗ Textiles or nappies
✔ Plastic bottles, tubs, pots and trays✗ Drinking glasses, crockery or Pyrex
✔ Plastic carrier bags✗ Paint tins, garden waste or wood
✔ Plastic and metal lids, caps and bottle tops✗ General waste

If you have too much recycling for your green bin, put anything else neatly at the side of your bin in a see through plastic bag.


Black refuse bin

What can and cannot be put in your black bin
Yes please:No thanks:
✔ General waste that cannot go in your green bin✗ Paint cans
 ✗ Gas canisters
 ✗ Asbestos, soil, rubble or building material
 ✗ Garden waste


Silver and outdoor food caddy

What can and cannot be put in your food bin
Yes please:No thanks:
✔ Meat and fish, including the bones Packaging that can be recycled
✔ Shells of fish, nuts and eggs Black bin liners
✔ Dairy food Liquids
✔ Fruit and vegetables Oil or liquid fat
✔ Bread, cakes and pastries 
✔ Rice, pasta and beans 
✔ Leftover, mouldy or expired food 
✔ Tea bags and tea and coffee grounds 


Do not line your silver food bin with black bin liners. Use plastic liners, newspaper or old carrier bags if you want to line your bin. You can also use any bags you bought food in, for example a bread bag.

You can use our collection scheme to throw garden waste away.

More information is in our waste collection service guidelines (PDF) [266KB] .