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Find information about your area

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Use 'About my Area' to find information about properties in Guildford. Enter an address or postcode into the search bar, click 'Lookup Property' and select a property from the drop down list.

The default 'My Guildford' tab shows key information and property details such as:

  • the nearest recycling centres
  • whether the property is a listed building or if it's in a conservation area
  • current planning applications within 1km of the property

Use the 'My Maps' tab to find more detailed information about the property. Click and drag your mouse on the map to view different locations. You can also zoom in and out by adjusting the slider on the '+' and '-' scale, and toggle between a black and white map, colour map, or aerial imagery.

To the left of the map is a list of filters you can apply. These are grouped by type, for example 'planning' or 'council and democracy'. Click the relevant group to open a list of filters, then click the small box to the right of any filter to apply it on the map.

Once you've applied a filter, you'll see a tick in the small box and an example of how the filter looks.