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Supporting Ukraine

Become a Homes for Ukraine sponsor

The Homes for Ukraine scheme offers Ukrainian nationals a way to come to the UK. They will stay with someone willing to provide them with a home. The scheme matches Ukrainian nationals that do not have families already in the country to:

  • sponsors
  • charities
  • businesses
  • community groups

Register your interest to become a Homes for Ukraine sponsor

We are responsible for protecting refugees who come to our borough through the scheme. Your application may be refused if your household or property does not meet the criteria needed. We will take extra care to review and assess your application if this is the case. We will work with Surrey County Council to make sure that we are being fair and consistent. There is no right of appeal and our decision will be final.

The government funded a paring scheme that offers matching, training and support services to sponsors and Ukrainian guests.

Find out how we use your personal data through the Homes for Ukraine scheme.