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North Moors Allotment Project

Project description

The North Moors Allotment Project is part of the project to regenerate the Slyfield area and deliver around 1500 new homes, employment space and significant infrastructure improvements and investment.

The current allotment site at Bellfields forms part of the larger site known as Weyside Urban Village. It is made up of 3 historical allotment sites: Old Farm, Lagoon and Parsons Green. As the site is on land which is part of the Slyfield area, we need to move the allotments in order to push the project forward.

The site is managed by the Guildford Allotment Society (GAS) and is very well used. We know the allotments are important to allotment holders and the wider community and we are committed to working with GAS. The design will reflect the wishes of GAS and we want to create an outstanding facility for the borough to use and be proud of.

The new dedicated facility for allotment holders will include a meeting room and office, a kitchen and dining area, toilet facilities, storage and a patio area with seating. 

Benefits of the project:

The design of the allotments will take into account the wishes of the GAS and include sustainable technologies and ecological benefits, such as:

  • Bee keeping areas
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Permeable surfaces
  • Dedicated composting areas
  • Recycled accommodation

Planning Application submitted 

The reprovision of the Bellfields allotments at North Moors and the extension to the existing allotments at Aldershot Road do not require planning permission. The new access road to North Moors allotments, along with the new fencing around the site and the new facility for allotment holders, does require permission. A planning application for this has been submitted to Guildford Borough Council. 

Because allotments are considered to be valuable community assets, permission must be granted by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government before they can be removed and reprovided. We will do this in parallel with the planning application.

Engaging with our communities 

Two consultation events were held for the public and allotment holders at Christ's College Sixth Form Centre on 29th and 30th October. Both events were well attended, and the comments will be reviewed with the Guildford Allotment Society (GAS) to see what can be incorporated into the developing plans for the new allotments. We are clear that the process must be done with the GAS and the allotment holders from start to finish.

Your consultation questions answered 

faq icon 23627 How accessible will North Moors be?

There is an application to designate a footpath as a public right of way to provide access from Jacobs Well to Slyfield. The footpath would provide access to the rear of the site, though the fencing around the allotments will be secure and require a key code to access the site.

faq icon 23629 Is the site at risk of flooding at North Moors?

No. A flood risk assessment has concluded that the site falls outside any flood zones or flood compensation areas.

faq icon 23630 What will the new site provide?

We are working with GAS and allotment holders to design a site that reflects their wishes. The final allotment site will be built to the highest environmental standards. There will also be a community facility, dedicated parking and cycle storage.

faq icon 23625 When will we get more information about Weyside Village?

There will be varying strands of work during 2020 and at various points throughout the year consultation events will be held to inform as well as consult. This website will keep you updated on events and timings.

faq icon 23626 Why are the allotments being moved to North Moors?

The new allotments are on Green Belt land, where development is only permitted in exceptional circumstances. North Moors is also close to Slyfield, Bellfields and Jacobs Well, and less than a mile from the current allotments.

faq icon 23624 Why are the allotments being moved?

The current allotments form part of the site for Weyside Urban Village. As the site at North Moors does not provide enough plots to replace Bellfields, the existing allotments at Aldershot Road will be extended. This ensures every allotment holder is guaranteed a replacement plot of equal size.

faq icon 23628 Why is the Secretary of State involved?

Because allotments are so valuable to local communities, permission must be granted by the Secretary of State before we proceed with the relocation of the plots. We will do this in parallel with the submission of the planning application.

faq icon 23631 Will we have help to relocate?

The site at North Moors will be prepared in advance, with plots ready for planting, sheds in place, water taps connected and the new community facility up and running. Guildford Borough Council will provide transport, machinery and staff to help with the move.