Can I claim benefit on two homes when moving?

Housing benefit is normally only paid on one home. However in certain cases it can be paid on two homes.

This page explains when housing benefit can be paid on two homes if someone moves into a new property and still has to pay rent at their old property.

How long is it paid for?

Housing benefit on two homes is paid for a maximum of four weeks.

What conditions must be met?

To get housing benefit on both properties the following conditions must be met:

  • Payment on both homes must be unavoidable
  • You must have moved in to your new home

Examples are:

  • A family living in a house with not enough bedrooms who need to move quickly to secure a home with the right number of bedrooms. Their landlord can by law make them pay a notice period.
  • A disabled person living in a private rented flat that is not suitable is offered a council bungalow and has to accept the property straightaway. The landlord holds them to a notice period.

When can't we pay?

Examples are:

  • The tenancy does not require a notice period to be given and no notice can be demanded by the landlord.
  • A person moves into a new home and doesn't have to pay rent. This includes moving into a nursing home.
  • We cannot pay if the customer has died and the estate is being asked to pay a notice period.

How do I claim?

Please complete the claim benefit on two homes form.

Remember every request is decided on the facts of that case.

What about council tax?

Normally, council tax is only payable for the home you live in. However if:

  • A notice period has to be given,
  • you have moved and
  • your home was furnished by your landlord then council tax may still be payable on the address you left to the end of the notice period. Local Council Tax Support cannot help you pay this.