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Street begging

It is likely that any person seen begging in Guildford will already have been offered help from the Homeless Outreach and Support Team and will be someone that we are aware of.

 As we have a comprehensive range of services available, we believe there is no need to beg in Guildford. You can find out more about the support we provide on our Rough sleeping web page.

It is important to acknowledge that people seen begging in the town centre may not be homeless or even live in Guildford borough. People beg for a variety of reasons including alcohol and substance misuse addictions, for this reason we suggest that you avoid giving money to anyone who begs.

There are many local charities and housing associations who provide support to people who need it, so if you would like to help, you could consider a donation to charity.

You can find out more about some of the charities we work with below:

Number Five Nightshelter

Homeless Outreach and Support Team

Guildford Action Day Service

Real Change

Report it

Begging is a crime and as such the police take care of all reports of begging on the streets. You can find out more on the Surrey Police's anti-social behaviour pages.

You can report begging to the police in the following ways: