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What is my planning information used for and who else can see it?

Your personal details help Planning Services to keep you informed about a planning application. We may also ask other departments and official bodies for their opinions and they will also have access to your information

These departments are subject to the same rules about data protection as we are, and have the same obligation to keep personal information private.

If an applicant appeals against our decision, the Appeal Inspector may ask for copies of all the documents Planning Services hold (including public comments) to make sure they have the complete picture.

Building control applications and the information contained within them are used within planning services to register, validate and determine applications. We use this information within Guildford Borough Council and provide application information to contractors working on our behalf as required.

There are other parts of the Guildford Borough Council (and also national government) that are interested in planning information because it helps them decide where resources are to be used, e.g. for school places and refuse collection, or because it tells them about trends in application types and locations. We send these departments summaries of planning information, but not your personal details.