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Planning Services - how we deal with your information

faq icon 21567 Planning Applications

All planning applications are governed by legislation and are managed by a series of regulations and procedures. As part of the planning process, the planning service receives a range of documents from applicants or agents such as drawings and from contributors offering their views on applications. Read more >

faq icon 21583 Pre-application planning advice

Development projects may involve an informal, voluntary process offering advice and support to applicants before they submit a formal application. Read more >

faq icon 21653 How we process comments on planning applications

Upon receiving your comments, an administrative officer will review the content and screen for any offensive language. Any offensive, inflammatory or provocative content will have your comment discarded and non-publication of the comment. Read more >

faq icon 21652 Your login and contact details - planning applications

Planning legislation does not permit the consideration of anonymous comments while reaching a recommended decision on a planning application. Read more >

faq icon 21571 I have made a comment on a planning application but I would like my details hidden

If you comment on a planning application, then your name and address will be publicly available as required by planning legislation. If you submit a comment through our online planning system (Public Access) then this availability is immediate following our usual checks for suitability. Read more >

faq icon 21578 Someone has made an unfair comment on my planning application - what should I do?

Comments submitted to Planning Services on planning applications should be restricted to matters relating to planning law and opinions relating to the planning proposals and any material considerations. Read more >

faq icon 21572 I would like my planning comment removed completely

If you change your mind about the comment you have sent us and want to withdraw it, you should contact the planning enquiries team or case officer by email using the same email address you used to submit your comment. If your comment was in writing, you should send us a written request. This is to stop people asking us to remove your comments without your permission.

faq icon 21576 My comment on a planning application has been used elsewhere - is there anything can I do about it?

As your comment is publicly available and published online it is possible for other people to use them for other purposes. Guildford Borough Council cannot be held responsible for the uses other agencies make of your comment. If you believe your comment has been used unfairly by anyone outside the Council, you would need to discuss it with them.

faq icon 21569 What information do Planning Services make public?

Planning legislation makes clear that we must have a register of applications that have been submitted to us, which is a list of those cases we are currently considering. Read more >

faq icon 21570 How do Planning Services treat planning documents?

We make all documents we receive available in electronic format as quickly as possible so that they can be shared with all interested parties and be published on our planning register. Read more >

faq icon 21573 What information do Planning Services keep about me?

If you have submitted a planning application to Guildford Borough Council, or a comment on an application, Planning Services will have saved your name and any contact details you have given us in our 'back office' software. We do this so that we can notify you of the outcome of the application, of any public meetings about the application, or if an appeal is lodged against the outcome of an application. Your name and address will also be on any electronic copies of your comments that we keep in our document management system (DMS). Building control application information submitted to us will be kept electronically stored on our DMS.

faq icon 21574 How long do Planning Services keep my information?

Our registers containing Planning and Building Control information do not have an expiry date, and because of this we will always have any details you have supplied to us stored electronically. An applicant's name and address is part of the public register for an application.

faq icon 21575 What is my planning information used for and who else can see it?

Your personal details help Planning Services to keep you informed about a planning application. We may also ask other departments and official bodies for their opinions and they will also have access to your information Read more >

faq icon 21577 Can I submit photographs to Planning Services with my comment

We are not able to accept any photographs with representations. In order to be compliant with data protection regulations we cannot publish information that potentially has been obtained without consent. Any photographs supplied to us will not be published

faq icon 21579 Planning documents that used to be on your website have been removed!

There are two possible reasons for this. Read more >

faq icon 21580 I want to see a copy of a planning document that isn't on your website

The FOIA and EIR recommend a policy of 'disclosure', in other words if you wish to see a document then you should be able to, as long as giving that information does not break any of the rules in the GPDR. Read more >

faq icon 21581 Your website says that a planning document is unavailable

We have a large amount of older planning and building control information that is stored on microfiche slides and a software system which is not available online. This information is available to view at the Guildford Borough Council offices during our published opening hours. We aim to make all of these records electronic and available online as time and resources allow.

faq icon 21582 What can I use planning documents for?

Documents submitted as part of a planning application may be subject to copyright and copyright law, even if they have been available on the internet. You should only use planning application documents for research purposes related to that application. Planning Services making documents available to you does not constitute permission for you to breach any copyrights that may exist on them. In some circumstances, Planning Services may contact the copyright owner for clarification before issuing a document to you.

faq icon 21584 Planning Services webcasting and public speaking

We broadcast some council meetings such as Planning Committee live on our website. The broadcasts are recorded and made available to watch again for 6 months following the date of the meeting.  You can also download these broadcasts save them to view at a later date.

If you speak at a public meeting this will be retained as part of the recording for a period of 6 months. Your name and the details of your spoken comments will be stored on the minutes of the Planning Committee and retained indefinitely on our website.

faq icon 21568 Building Control Applications

Building Control applications are not displayed on a public register. Unlike Planning Applications, there is no general public right to inspect plans deposited under the Building Regulations. Read more >

faq icon 21587 Building Control Information

Guildford Borough Council Building Control applications are dealt with under separate legislation, but are still subject to the same FOI, EIR and GDPR legislation. There is no legal requirement to display information about Building Control applications on the internet, but because people may wish to check that work is being done to the relevant building regulations, the law does allow us to display details of applications. In order to protect privacy, Guildford Borough Council will only make available summary information about the application and its progress. We will not publish drawings and plans. If you believe there is information about a particular project to which you are entitled under the FOIA or EIR, you should submit the appropriate request to us for consideration.

faq icon 21585 Tree Preservation Orders and Applications for Works to Trees in a Conservation Area

Planning Services must keep a register of all applications for consent under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). We make our register available for inspection by the public by publishing it on our website.

Planning Services must keep available for public inspection a register of all section 211 notices for works to trees in a conservation area. Our register is made available online.

In terms of personal data, the register should include the date of the section 211 notice; the name of the person who served it; the address of the land where the tree stands.

faq icon 21586 Local Land Charges

A Local Land Charge is a restriction on a particular parcel of land, whether to secure the payment of a sum of money, or limiting the use to which the land may be put, and is binding on successive owners or occupiers of that parcel of land. We offer searches we which we conduct on your behalf to establish if any local land charges are on the specified land. Read more >

faq icon 21588 Planning Enforcement

In order to maintain confidentiality and not jeopardise any current investigations, we do not display information about Planning Enforcements on our online planning system. We will publish enforcement information only when an Enforcement Notice has been issued. Personal information supplied to us through our online complaints form or through other means such as email such as your name, address and contact details will be retained on our back office system for the use of planning services staff. This information will then be retained indefinitely as part of history of the site to which the enforcement complaint has been made.

faq icon 21589 Planning Policy comments

The Council has a planning policy consultation website at guildford.inconsult.uk.The consultation system includes a database of people who have either made comments during consultations or have registered with us to receive notifications about planning policy matters. Read more >

faq icon 21590 I want to make a complaint about Planning Services - who do I contact?

Planning Services are committed to fully complying with all the relevant legislation concerning the treatment of your personal information. Read more >