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Apply for a street trading licence



What happens next?

Once your application has been received, we will consult the relevant parties for 28 days before making our decision. You may be asked to put a notice on your proposed site to advertise your application, and to write to local residents and/or businesses to tell them about it. (Download a Icon for word template for the advert notice [37.4KB])

If you have been asked by us to advertise your application and fail to do so, your application may be turned down.

For more details about the organisations we contact about your application, what happens to it if there is an objection, and what we take into account to decide whether it should be accepted, please read our Icon for pdf Street Trading Policy [81.05KB].

You may not start trading before the consent has been granted, as trading without a consent is an offence.

View online the street trading consent applications recently received

What is full street trading consent?

Apply for a licence to sell items on the street.

Street trading is selling any item in the street. This includes any road, path or public area (i.e. car parks, parks, playgrounds). Do not start trading before we've given you consent. Trading without a consent is an offence. 

Guildford welcomes street entertainers. You do not require a licence to busk in Guildford but please respect the street trading guidelines. 

In Guildford borough, the streets are all 'consent' streets. This means that you must apply for a street trading consent to street trade wherever you are in our borough.

Trading consent may be refused if:

  • the site location, or customers visiting the site, are likely to cause road safety issues. This includes blocking a driver's views or problems for people walking in the area
  • there are concerns over the number of accidents near the site
  • there are likely to be problems caused by traffic, noise, rubbish, vermin, odour, or fumes
  • there is already similar close to your site
  • the site causes parking problems for you, your staff, or customers, or has waiting limits
  • the site is not well lit, and trading carries on after dusk

We offer pre-application advice on this licence.

You can view recently received street trading applications.

Street trading locations

See where you can street trade within the Guildford Borough

Trading in Guildford town centre

Guildford town centre is a main regional shopping destination. If we allow large numbers of street traders, it may take business away from town centre shops. 

Traders who want to trade in the town centre should apply to our North Street Market or regular Farmers' Market events.

Trading in a lay-by

If you trade from a lay-by it must:

  • be wide enough to allow vehicles to park and pass
  • be long enough to allow large vehicles to park easily
  • have a verge (at least 1m wide) separating it from the road.

Mobile street trading

If you want to apply for many locations in the borough, you must list them in your application. This could be if you own an ice cream van and want to drive around.

Consent is not normally given for trading in the following town centre areas:

  • Alexandra Terrace
  • Bedford Road (between Onslow Street and Laundry Road)
  • Bridge Street
  • Castle Street
  • Chertsey Street
  • Commercial Road
  • Guildford Railway Station
  • High Street
  • Leapale Road
  • Market Street
  • North Street
  • Onslow Street
  • Quarry Street (between High Street and Castle Hill)
  • Swan Lane
  • Tunsgate
  • Upper High Street
  • Ward Street
  • Woodbridge Road (between North Street and Leapale Road)

If you want to trade from car parks, parks, or open spaces, we need written permission from the landowner. This must be done at least 10 working days before you start trading from the location.

You must still follow any road traffic restrictions, local regulations, and byelaws.

A pedlar or a street trader

If you are a pedlar, you must either carry the items you are selling or carry them on a trolley

A pedlar must keep moving, and can only stop to trade. If you are standing still, waiting for customers, you are street trading and could be prosecuted.

If you are a pedlar, you must either carry the items you are selling or carry them on a trolley.

You need to be on foot, and your trolley needs to be easy to move around. Guildford town centre is on a steep hill and can be very busy. If you cannot easily move your trolley and have to stay in one place because of this, you are street trading and will need the council's permission.

Apply/renew full street trading consent

Application to apply for or renew your full street trading consent

  • if you're applying for your first consent, you should apply at least two months before you wish to start trading
  • if you are applying to renew a consent, you should apply at least 10 working days before it expires
  • a consent can last for a maximum of 12 months
  • you do not have the right to appeal if your application for street trading consent has been turned down. If your application is rejected, you will be refunded the fee in full

What you will need to apply/renew your licence

  • a copy of Icon for pdf Street trading application form [206.84KB]
  • proof of Public Liability Insurance
  • plan, showing precise location of intended trading location
  • proof of consent from land owner
  • proof of planning permission (if you are trading for more than 28 days in a year)
  • two passport photographs of the applicant
  • proof of identity and right to work (passport or residence permit) if not a limited company
  • a Basic Disclosure Certificate (dated within the last three years) for the applicant
  • colour photographs of front, side and back of stall, van, cart etc.
  • the correct fee paid by debit/credit card by calling 01483 505050 (the fee is returned if your application is refused)