Request a medical waste collection

You must not put some medical waste in your bins. This includes syringes, needles or other sharp devices (called 'sharps'). If you want to throw any of these items away, we'll give you a sharps box. We'll also leave new ones when we collect your full ones.

You do not need a special collection for some items. You can put the following in your black bin if you double wrap them:

✔ Dressings and bandages as long as they are not contaminated

✔ Sanitary products

✔ Incontinence pads

✔ Stoma bags

✔ Catheter waste

✔ Empty saline or glucose IV bags and tubing

✔ Peg or stomach feeding equipment

Request a medical waste collection

Take any unwanted or out of date medicine to the pharmacy. Put the empty packaging in your recycling bin, unless it has been contaminated. 

We do not collect medical waste on the same day as your bins. Each area in the borough has its own day for medical waste collections. Once you have applied, we will confirm your regular collection day and the first collection date.

The NHS sometimes ask you to put medical waste in an orange sack. If you want us to collect this, please email To apply, you'll need to attach a letter from your GP to your application.