The Design Review Panel

What is the design review process?

Identifying schemes for review

First, we'll decide if a design review would be useful for your project. We'll discuss this with you as soon as practical. If possible, we'll suggest how long the process will take and highlight the costs. We usually recommend design reviews for any projects which will impact the local environment. This could be because of:

  • how big the development is
  • what the development will be used for
  • where the development will take place
  • if the development will be more important than its size, use and location suggest

Discussions with Design South East

If you choose to use the panel, we'll discuss your scheme with Design South East. We'll agree on the scope and cost of their review and find out how soon they can begin discussing your project. Design South East send the form and contract to the council's planning officer. We'll pass these on to you.

Submitting the contract with drawings

You'll need to send Design South East the following:

  • the signed contract
  • completed forms
  • scheme drawings

The contract could be between Design South East and us, or between Design South East and you. If the contract is between Design South East and us, you'll need to pay us back for the cost of the review.

Once you've done this, Design South East will confirm the date of their review. We'll contact the invitees and Design South East will contact you to make sure the panel have all the information they need. We will also liaise with Design South East to arrange site visits.