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Find out about buying your council house

What happens next?

Valuation and receiving an offer

Once we have accepted your application we will arrange for a valuation of your property.

We will also arrange for a surveyor to assess how energy efficient your home is and produce an Energy Performance Certificate.

We will then calculate the price of your property and send you a formal offer known as a Landlord's Offer Notice or Section 125 Notice.

This will be within eight weeks for a house or 12 weeks for a leasehold property (such as a flat).

If you do not agree with the valuation of your property you can appeal to the district valuer.

Accepting or declining our offer

Prior to accepting the offer, ensure that you have:

  •  in place the funds to purchase the property, via a mortgage or loan
  •  appointed a solicitor to act on your behalf

You must let us know in writing if you would like to accept or decline our offer within 12 weeks. 

If we do not hear from you within this time we could offer you an extension of time. If we do not hear from you after that we can withdraw your application.

Completing the sale of your property

Once you have accepted our offer we will instruct our solicitors to work with your solicitor to complete the sale.

The sale needs to be completed within four months of the date of the offer notice. If it is not we will send you notices to complete the sale.

If we do not hear from you within eight weeks of these your application could be withdrawn.

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