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Changes to Guildford Park & Ride Service from Monday 8 March. Spectrum, Artington and Merrow Park & Ride sites will return to normal Monday to Friday Timetables and Artington running a Saturday service.  For updates to timetables visit Guildford "Glide" park and ride - Surrey County Council (surreycc.gov.uk).

Please note: Bright Hill car park is permit only Monday to Friday. It is available for public parking on Saturday and Sunday.  G-Live is currently being used for the Covid19 vaccination programme, by appointment by the NHS.

Car parks maintenance - find out about work taking place in Leapale Road car park, Millbrook car park and Guildford Park car park.

Car parks

Our car parks are open 24 hours.

Car park charges

See our Car park - fees and charging times page for a list of charges and opening times.



Car parks map

You can also view the interactive map below and click on a car park to find charging information and opening times.

View Car parks in a larger map

Season tickets

Season ticket parking operates in three town centre car parks.

There is availability at Farnham Road and York Road. There is no availability at Bedford Road at this time due to wait list.

Cost of season tickets
Car parkType of ticketAnnual cost (from 1/4/19 - 31/3/20)
Farnham Road multi-storeyFive day (Monday to Friday)£1,964.74
Farnham Road multi-storeySix day (Monday to Saturday)£2,357.62
York Road multi-storeyFive day (Monday to Friday)£2,062.94
York Road multi-storeySix day (Monday to Saturday)£2,475.50
Bedford Road multi-storeyFive day (Monday to Friday)£2,210.65

Farnham Road and York Road car parks are pay-on-foot car parks and season ticket holders will be given a card to use when they exit the car park.

Bedford Road car park season ticket holders will be given a permit, which is displayed in the car.

The season ticket holder chooses their own car park space in each car park.

To apply

If you would like to join the waiting list for a car park season ticket, please email Customerservices@guildford.gov.uk, stating:

  • the number of season tickets you would like

  • the car park you would like

  • your name, address, email address and daytime telephone number.


Payment for season tickets runs from 1 April to 31 March and the cost will be pro-rata, depending on when spaces are taken.


To cancel your season ticket, you must write to Customer Services giving one month's notice (this is taken from the date the office receives your letter).


Contract parking

Contract parking offers an allocated space with a permit for the space. Contract parking is available at various car parks in the town centre, although there is currently a waiting list for each car park. 

Contract car parks are: Bedford Road surface car park, Castle Square, Commercial Road, Eagle Road, Millmead Court, Portsmouth Road, Robin Hood, St Josephs, Stoke Road and Stoke Fields.

Your permit must be clearly shown in the vehicle. 

Cost of contract parking in Guildford town centre car parks
Type of contractAnnual cost (from 1/4/19 - 31/3/20)
Five day (Monday to Friday)£2,528.19
Six day (Monday to Saturday)£3,033.64

To apply

If you would like to join the waiting list for contract parking in one of our car parks, please email customerservices@guildford.gov.uk, stating:

  • the number of spaces you would like

  • the car park you would like

  • your name, address, email address and daytime telephone number.


Payments for contract parking run from 1 April to 31 March and the cost will be pro-rata, depending on when spaces are taken.


To cancel your contract parking space, you must email customerservices@guildford.gov.uk giving one month's notice (this is taken from the date the office receives your letter).

Pre-payment cards

Pre-payment cards offer an alternative to contract parking and season tickets in the town centre. 

How to apply

  • Contact our Customer Services team on 01483 505050 to request an application form for your pre-payment card.

  • When your card is ready to collect, you will be asked to add £100 of credit on your card. You can pay with a credit/debit card but not American Express.

  • Once this credit has been used, you can add more credit using the pay machines in any of the pay-on-foot car parks.

  • The amount of credit you can buy ranges from £20 to £250.

The cards are for use in the following car parks:

  • Castle Car Park

  • Farnham Road multi-storey

  • Tunsgate Car Park

  • York Road multi-storey

Card discount

The pre-payment cards offer a discount of 10 per cent on the current fees, which are:

Castle Car Park/Tunsgate Car Park: £1.30 per hour or part hour, increasing to £2.00 per hour or part hour after three hours.

Farnham Road Multi-Storey/York Road Multi-Storey: £1 per hour or part hour.

The card is not valid for on-street parking bays, pay and display car parks or in contract car parks. The card is also not valid for use in car parks operated by other organisations.

    Motorcycles can park for free in marked motorcycle bays in:

    • Bedford Road car park
    • Bright Hill car park
    • Commercial Road car park
    • Old Police Station car park
    • Castle car park has marked motorcycle bays with payment due on exit.

    Car parking height restrictions

    The following car parks have height restriction barriers set at 1.83 metres.

    • Bedford Road
    • Bright Hill Surface
    • Castle
    • Farnham
    • Leapale Road
    • Tunsgate
    • Walnut Tree Close
    • York

    Electric vehicle charging points

    Electric charging points are installed at the following locations:

    • Bedford Road MSCP x2
    • G-Live car park x2
    • Millbrook car park x2
    • Artington Park & Ride x2
    • Merrow Park & Ride x2
    • Onslow Park & Ride x3

    Further charge points are planned to be installed at: 

    • Castle MSCP
    • Farnham Road MSCP
    • York Road MSCP
    • Leapale Road

    Customers must buy a parking ticket and display it in the car window while their vehicle is charging. If your vehicle is not being charged, please use a standard parking bay.

    Green scheme for electric vehicles

    Guildford Borough Council has introduced a Green Scheme, which enables owners of electric vehicles to apply for a  icon Green Parking Permit [130.44KB] free of charge, which gives discounted parking in car parks.

    An applicant is required to provide a copy of the Vehicle Registration Document (V5C) on application, which would confirm the vehicle was powered solely by electricity.

    The permit must be displayed on the front of the vehicle to which the permit relates. Failure to display the permit will result in a Penalty Charge.

    If parking in regular (that is, not Green) bays, it is necessary for drivers to buy a pay and display ticket on arrival at the car park. Your three hours free parking will be calculated from the expiry of your pay and display ticket.

    Exception to the rule is if you park in Bedford Road Multi Storey Car Park in one of the designated Green Bays. These bays will be free of charge with a valid Green Parking Permit. Please be advised you must park correctly within the bay marking. Bays are designed for small electric vehicles only.

    Also free of charge are Ash Vale and Shalford Park Car Parks.

    Please find a list of car parks below to which the Green Scheme applies:

    • Bedford Road Multi Storey (two green bays on level 1 which can only be used by small electric vehicles)
    • Leapale Road Multi Storey
    • Bedford Road Surface
    • Millbrook
    • Commercial Road 2
    • Mary Road
    • Old Police Station
    • Upper High Street
    • G Live
    • Lawn Road (Saturdays Only)
    • Robin Hood (Saturdays Only)
    • St Josephs Church (Saturdays Only)
    • Portsmouth Road (Saturdays Only)

    These car parks can be used on Sundays but normal Sunday rates apply.

    The scheme does not apply in on-street pay and display places or North Street Car Park. (These are short-stay spaces.)

    Please note that the electric/plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging points installed in our car parks are not part of this green scheme. These bays are available to any electric/plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and valid payment must be made to park within the bays.

    Parking enforcement - 10 minute grace period

    Drivers who overstay in a car park, or parking space, have a ten-minute grace period after their permitted parking time has expired before they may be issued with a ticket.

    (The permitted time could be the time on their pay and display ticket or the time they are allowed to park in a bay with a time restriction.)