Corporate Plan 2015-2020

Our Corporate Plan, initially agreed by the Council on 7 October 2015 and subsequently revised and updated on 26 July 2016, is an essential part of the Council's strategic framework.

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It is the over arching plan that sets out the strategy that underpins the direction of your Council for the next five years. For further details about our vision, priorities and outcomes, please read our icon Corporate Plan. [11.21MB]

Our vision for 2015-2020

For Guildford to be a town and rural borough...

...that is the most desirable place to live, work and visit in South East England.

We want Guildford to be a centre for education, healthcare, innovative and cutting-edge businesses, high quality retail and wellbeing. A county town set in a vibrant rural environment which balances the needs of urban and rural communities alike. Known for our outstanding urban planning and design, and with infrastructure that will properly cope with our needs.

Fundamental themes that support our vision

  • Our Borough - ensuring that proportional and managed growth for future generations meets our community and economic needs.

  • Our Economy - improving prosperity for all by enabling a dynamic, productive and sustainable economy that provides jobs and homes for local people.

  • Our Infrastructure - working with partners to deliver the massive improvements needed in the next 20 years, including changes to tackle congestion issues.

  • Our Environment - improving sustainability and protecting our countryside, balancing this with the needs of the rural and wider economy.

  • Our Society - believing that every person matters and concentrating on the needs of the less advantaged.

  • Your Council - ensuring a sustainable financial future to deliver improved and innovative services.

Values for our residents

  • We will strive to be the best Council.

  • We will deliver quality and value for money services.

  • We will help the vulnerable members of our community.

  • We will be open and accountable.

  • We will deliver improvements and enable change across the borough.

Mission - for the Council

We aim to be a forward looking, efficiently run Council, working in partnership with others and providing first class services that give our society value for money, now and for the future.