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Councillor conduct

Under the Localism Act 2011, the Council has a duty to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by its councillors and any co-opted members.  The Act required Guildford Borough Council, together with the 23 parish councils within the borough, to adopt new codes of conduct for their councillors and co-opted members.

You may view a copy of the code of conduct which applies to borough councillors by clicking on the link below:

icon Councillor Code of Conduct [187.93KB]

Guildford Borough Council's code of conduct is consistent with the seven principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness and honesty.  The code of conduct sets out practical guidelines for councillors including their duty to ensure that any pecuniary interests that they or their spouse/civil partner may have are properly registered and, whenever they arise at meetings, disclosed.  Unless they have a dispensation, councillors are required to withdraw from the meeting and not participate in, or vote on, any matter in which they have a disclosable pecuniary interest (DPI).  DPIs are defined in paragraph 1 (3) of the code of conduct.

Councillors are also expected to comply with relevant requirements of:

The various codes of conduct adopted by the 23 parish councils in the borough are kept at the respective parish council offices and can be viewed on request by contacting the relevant parish clerk, whose contact details may be found on our Parish Council information pages.

Copies of each borough councillor's register of interests can be viewed on this website by using our Councillor Search which also takes you to their contact details and committee memberships.

Copies of each parish councillor's register of interests may be viewed by clicking on the link to the relevant parish council below:





East Clandon

East Horsley





Puttenham Parish Council


Seale & Sands





St Martha



West Clandon

West Horsley


Copies of the Borough Council's Code of Conduct and the register of interests in respect of all borough councillors and all parish councillors are also available for members of the public to view at our Millmead offices during normal office hours.

Making a complaint

The Council has agreed arrangements for dealing with allegations of misconduct by councillors and co-opted members of Guildford Borough Council and of the 23 parish councils within the borough.  You may view a copy of these arrangements by clicking on the link below:

icon Arrangements for dealing with allegations of misconduct by Councillors [262.1KB]

The arrangements set out the procedure for making a complaint against a borough councillor or a parish councillor.

We ask that you use our complaint form (by clicking on the link below) when making a complaint because it covers all the relevant headings and information which is required to process your complaint efficiently.

Councillor conduct complaint form

Guidance to assist you in completing the complaint form has also been produced and this may be viewed by clicking on the link below.

icon Guidance for complainants [58.49KB]

icon Equal opportunities form [26.49KB]