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Dangerous structures

If a building or structure within the borough is in a dangerous condition, we are responsible for ensuring that the danger is removed to safeguard the public.

Report a dangerous structure

We are on call to deal with dangerous buildings and structures 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you are concerned that a building or structure may be dangerous, please telephone 01483 444545 during normal office hours or 01483 532122 out of hours.

Please do not email us to inform us of dangerous structures.

When calling please give us the following information if you're reporting a dangerous structure:

  • the address of the dangerous structure

  • description of the danger

  • ownership details (if known)

  • your name and contact details.

What happens next?

Following your report, Building Control surveyors will inspect the structure to determine if it is dangerous. Dangerous structures fall within two categories:

  • those that require emergency action to remove the danger

  • those that can be monitored and rectified within an agreed timescale.

If the danger requires immediate action, we will arrange necessary emergency work to safeguard the public. The cost is then recharged to the owner.

If the structure requires repairs to prevent a future issue, the owner will be asked to remove the danger at their own cost, following an agreed timescale.

Should the owner fail to carry out the required work, the Council may seek a court order. This will require the owner to take the necessary steps to prevent danger. The owner of the structure is responsible for the costs of any remedial works and may be re-charged for our time.

Building Control also provide expert advice to other emergency services involved with dangerous structures, such as Surrey Police, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service and Surrey County Council Highways.