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Equality and diversity

We are committed to supporting equal opportunities for all and we value the diversity of thought and attitude that our community brings.


Guildford Borough Council has a longstanding track record of working to ensure equality of opportunity in both service delivery and employment.

  • We recognise our community has diverse needs.

  • We regard diversity as a strength in our community.

  • We work hard to make sure that, within reason, all customers can access our services.

  • We work hard to make sure that, within reason, all customers have access to our job opportunities.

We do this by identifying and correcting any direct, indirect or intended discrimination. We also identify and correct any institutional discrimination arising from the procedures and practices of the Council. We promote:

  • Equal opportunities,

  • the value of diversity, and

  • understanding the needs of others.


We have committed the following resources to equality:

  • Equality leads at management team level,

  • a steering group involving Councillors, and

  • an equality and diversity action group including representatives from protected groups and all services.


The Council's approach to equalities and diversity is set out in the Equality and Diversity Policy Statement, which can be found in the downloads section of this page.

The Single Equality Action Plan can be found in the downloads section of this page.

To help make sure that our equality and diversity activities are developed in a consistent way to benefit all members of the community we follow a number of policies which include a Single Equality Scheme.

The scheme covers the period 2009 - 2012 and sets out what we intend to do to meet our commitments to equality and our statutory requirements.

This document is reviewed on a regular basis.

Have your say on our Single Equalities Scheme by contacting us using the details below (please add 'Single Equalities Scheme' in the subject line of your message).

Workforce Profile

Each year the Council completes a workforce profile which reviews the equality breakdown of the staff and reports on other equality monitoring relating to the staff. The Workforce Profile can be found in the downloads section of this page. This document is reviewed annually.