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Types of food hygiene complaint we can investigate:

We investigate complaints about food premises if they relate to a food safety issue in premises located within the borough. We can investigate hygiene standards, suspected food poisoning or contaminated/unfit food.

✔ dirty premises 

✔ poor food handling practices

✔ pests/vermin in food premises

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Types of suspected food poisoning complaints we can investigate:

✔ suspected food poisoning outbreak affecting more than one person

✔ a single case of suspected food poisoning provided that you have contacted your GP and submitted a faecal specimen for analysis

Symptoms of food poisoning can take several hours to a couple of weeks to show. This means it may not be caused by the last meal you ate. We recommend you report your illness to your GP. 

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Types of complaints about food we can investigate:

✔ a foreign object found in your food

✔ food contaminated with chemicals

✔ unfit food with visible signs of mould or decay

We will need to know:

  • your name, address, telephone contact numbers and email address
  • any evidence you have including the food, original packaging, complaint item, photographs, receipts etc.
  • where and when you purchased the food
  • what you have done with the food after purchase (e.g. how the food was stored or cooked prior to discovery of the problem) 
  • the name and contact details of any witnesses who were there when you discovered the problem
  • whether you have been to hospital or suffered any injury as a result of consuming the food
  • details of any contact you have had with the vendor or manufacturer of the food

You will need to give us the food item you are complaining about for our investigation. We may not be able to return the item to you.

It may take several weeks for us to complete our investigation. There can sometimes be delays with information supplied to us by others who may be involved with the investigation.

We are not able to help you get a refund or make a claim for compensation.

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Types of complaints about food we do not deal with:

  • food quality
  • incorrect labelling (including allergens)
  • misleading claims
  • food sold past its 'use by' or 'best before' date
  • food composition or food with substances added to them

If you wish to complain about one of these problems you can visit trading standards website (opens new window).