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Have your say - formal advertisement of parking proposals

Together with the County Council, we are reviewing the on-street parking situation in various locations throughout our borough.

Because of concerns raised, we have done an assessment of various parking issues. Officers have discussed these with your local borough and county councillors.  We reported the draft proposals to the 22 March 2017 meeting of Surrey County Council's Guildford Local Committee

The Local Committee agreed to formally advertise the proposals developed. 

Have your say

We are keen to hear whether you support the proposals, oppose them, or believe that we could improve them by making changes. 

This is the formal stage of consultation and a decision needs to be taken on the feedback we receive. It may be a number of years before we look again at parking restrictions in this area.

We recognise that the introduction and amendment of parking restrictions can, in some cases, cause the availability of parking to reduce, make use of the spaces less flexible, and cause parking to displace to nearby areas. It is important that any changes to the controls extend far enough to deal with the issues present and any potential for them to move elsewhere, while not being too restrictive to residents and other road users.

The public notices for the three proposed amendment orders, statements of reason and traffic regulation orders appear below:

Alternatively, a copy of the draft Order, together with plans showing the precise details of the proposed controls, a Statement of our Reasons for Proposing the Order, and the existing Consolidation Orders (as amended), may be inspected, free of charge at the main reception, Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford between 9am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

It can also be viewed at Guildford Library, North Street, Guildford; Ash Library, Ash Street, Ash and Horsley Library, Station Parade West, East Horsley, during normal opening hours.

Any representations, either objecting to, or in support of the proposals, together with the grounds on which they are made, must be sent, in writing by letter, to:

Kevin McKee (Parking Services Manager),
Guildford Borough Council,
Parking Office,
Laundry Road,

or by email to: parkingrepresentation@guildford.gov.uk

by Friday 4 August 2017, quoting the reference: KM/17/0003-5.

Your privacy

Together with local borough and county councillors, we will consider all feedback. We will report this to Surrey County Council's Guildford Local Committee, which will consider the way forward. Our report will be a public document. While we will not publish your name and address, we will publish your representation. So, for example, if you make comments about how the proposals will specifically affect your property, the public may be able to identify your premises from your comments.

For more information about how we use your personal information, please read our  Privacy guidanceor contact Andrew Harkin on 01483 444535.

We intend to report the feedback to the December 2017 meeting of Surrey County Council's Guildford Local Committee. The County Council will publish the papers for this committee a week or so before the meeting and you can find these on the Guildford Local Committee pages of Surrey County Council's website.

At this meeting, the Committee will decide whether to introduce the proposals as advertised, or make minor amendments. If major changes are required, it could re-advertise the proposal, or defer the changes to a future review. Alternatively, it could choose not to implement any new parking restrictions.

If changes to the parking restrictions were agreed, we would anticipate their implementation in early to mid 2018. 

To keep up to date with progress, please check the County Council's website.

Contact Parking Services on 01483 444531 for more information.