Formal advertisement of parking proposals

Together with our Facilities Management team, we have been reviewing the parking controls in the off-street car parks that serve Millmead House. The on-street parking bays in Millmead, adjacent to the Britannia public house, are not included in the proposals.

The numbers of cars parking in the council office car parks has steadily increased over the years and many people are parking for other reasons than visiting the council offices. This can make it difficult for those wishing to visit the council to find a parking space. 

Officers have discussed the issue with your local borough councillors. The matter was reported to the 23 January 2018 meeting of Guildford Borough Council's Executive Committee as part of the Parking Business Plan 2018.

The Executive agreed to formally advertise the proposals. 

The deadline to submit representations has now passed. A decision will be taken on the feedback.

We recognise that the introduction and amendment of parking restrictions can, in some cases, make use of the spaces less flexible. 

Car Parks where changes to controls are proposed

See the public notice for the proposed amendment order, statement of reasons and draft traffic regulation order here:

icon Facilities Management Car Parks - Draft traffic regulation order [7.2KB]

icon Facilities Management Car Parks - Statement of reasons [10.94KB]

icon Facilities Management Car Parks - Public notice [7.17KB]

Your privacy

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Officers, along with the relevant Councillors, will decide whether to introduce the proposals as advertised, or make minor amendments. Depending on the nature of the representations, they could also choose to refer the matter to a full meeting of  Guildford Borough Council's Executive Committee

If major changes are required, officers could re-advertise the proposal, or defer to changes. Alternatively, they could choose not to implement any new parking restrictions.