Formal advertisement of parking proposals

Together with the County Council, we are reviewing the on-street parking situation in various locations throughout our borough.

Because of concerns raised and opportunities that have arisen, we have undertaken an assessment of various parking issues. Officers have discussed these with your local borough and county councillors. We reported the draft proposals subsequently developed to the 13 December 2017 meeting of Surrey County Council's Guildford Local Committee.

The Local Committee has now formally advertised the proposals developed. The deadline to submit representations was Friday 16 February 2018. A decision will be taken on the feedback.

We recognise that the introduction and amendment of parking restrictions can, in some cases, cause the availability of parking to reduce, make use of the spaces less flexible, and cause parking to displace to nearby areas. Therefore, it is important that any changes to the controls extend far enough to deal with the issues present and any potential for them to move elsewhere, while not being overly restrictive to residents and other road users.

Roads where changes to controls are being proposed

Guildford Town Centre Controlled Parking Zone - Car Club space proposals

icon Harvey Road [422.29KB]

icon London Road [218.59KB]

icon Recreation Road [225.03KB]

icon Walnut Tree Close [161.39KB]

Shalford - no waiting at any time double yellow line proposals

icon Chinthurst Lane [410.32KB]

The public notices for the two proposed amendment orders, statements of reason and traffic regulation order appear below:

icon Guildford town centre Controlled Parking Zone - public notice [47.08KB]

icon Guildford town centre Controlled Parking Zone - statement of reasons [18.15KB]

icon Guildford town centre Controlled Parking Zone - draft traffic regulation order [44.81KB]

icon Parished area - public notice [16.21KB]

icon Parished area - statement of reasons [17.88KB]

icon Parished area - draft traffic regulation order [41.99KB]


Your privacy

For information on how we use your personal information, please read our privacy guidance or contact On Street Parking Co-ordinator on 01483 444535.

The Chairman/Vice-Chairman of the Committee will decide whether to introduce the proposals as advertised, or make minor amendments. Depending on the nature of the representations, they could also choose to refer the matter to a full meeting of Surrey County Council's Guildford Local Committee. If major changes are required, it could re-advertise the proposal, or defer to changes to a future review. Alternatively, it could choose not to implement any new parking restrictions.

If changes to the parking restrictions are agreed, we would anticipate their implementation by mid-2018. To keep up to date with progress, you may wish to check Surrey County Council's website, using the above link. When we publish the report, it will be available to view on our Parking review committee reports page.