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Requesting changes to parking controls

Find out how you can ask for changes to parking controls and how we carry out parking reviews.

When we get a request for new parking controls, or changes to existing parking controls, we consider them in our next parking review.

Parking reviews take place every 18 to 24 months. (See how we carry out parking reviews below.)

Submit a request

To make a request for new parking controls or changes to existing parking controls, please fill in our online request changes to parking controls form

Assessing requests

When we consider requests for new or changed parking controls in a parking review, we take into account:

  • If on-street parking has a detrimental impact on road safety or the passage of vehicles or pedestrians.
     - For example, is parking too close to junctions or is it causing problems for the passage of larger vehicles, such as emergency vehicles, buses or refuse lorries?

  • If there is not enough parking space in a street to cope with the demand.
     - We will only investigate the possibility of new controls if we have evidence of the support of around 70% of the properties in the street that are likely to be directly affected by new controls or changes to controls.

Requesting residents' parking schemes

To request parking management schemes in your area, such as residents' parking schemes, you need to prove that you have support from 70% of those households that would be affected.

To do this, complete the  icon Parking Scheme Request form [39.23KB] and return to: Guildford Borough Council, Millmead, Guildford GU2 4BB.

Carrying out parking reviews

  • We assess the requests that we have received since the previous parking review.
  • Our on-street parking coordinator looks at each request and takes into account factors such as:
    • road safety
    • accessibility
    • congestion
    • the likelihood of a change simply displacing the problem
    • how many people support the request.
  • We then make a report with recommendations for change. 
  • The Guildford Joint Committee considers our report and decides if it agrees with our recommendations or if amendments are needed.

Informal consultation process

Depending on the controls being considered, we may carry out an informal consultation, for example, if we're looking at parking controls over a large area, the introduction of a controlled parking zone and / or residents' parking scheme.

Formal consultation process

  1. To start the process, we will:
    • put a notice in a local newspaper describing new parking controls proposals
    • make copies of the proposals available for inspection at council buildings
    • put notices on lamp posts in affected roads
    • publish the information on our website
    • write to residents and businesses fronting on to proposed new controls.
  2. Next step is a period (usually 21 days) during which you can comment or object.
  3. We consider all comments before deciding what should go ahead.
  4. Once the process is complete, we publish the parking orders, amendments and plans and arrange for the road markings and signs to be installed.