Planning and building control documents

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If the document or publication you require is not available on the website, then photocopying charges will not apply. If the document or publication you require is available on the website, then photocopying charges will apply.

Photocopying charges

  • Black and white A4 - 34p
  • Black and white A3 - 34p
  • Colour A4 - 58p
  • Colour A3 - 58p

Decision notices

  • Planning decision (TP3) (post 2005 on website) - hard copy £19.50
  • Planning appeal decision (post 2005 on website) - hard copy £19.50
  • Building control completion certificate pre 2001 - hard copy £20
  • Building control completion letter pre 1991 - hard copy £20
  • Copy of building control approval or rejection notice - photocopy charge only
  • Copy of building control completion certificate/letter post 2001 - photocopy charge only
  • Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) - (if available on the website) - hard copy £19.50
  • Planning Section 106 agreements - (if available on the website) - hard copy £19.50
  • Article 4 Directions - photocopy charge only
  • Breach of condition notices - photocopy charge only
  • Discontinuance orders - photocopy charge only
  • Enforcement notices - photocopy charge only
  • Copies of plans - A1, A2, A0 £13.00

The Development Plan

Neighbourhood plans

  • Burpham Neighbourhood Plan (adopted)

icon Burpham Neighbourhood plan and appendices (Adopted Version) [10.2MB]

  • Effingham Neighbourhood Plan (adopted)

icon Effingham Neighbourhood Plan (Adopted Version) [14.49MB]

  • East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan (adopted)

icon East Horsley Neighbourhood Plan (Adopted Version) [7.05MB]

  • West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan (post-referendum)

icon West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan (Referendum Version) [3.19MB]

Borough wide planning guidance (includes Supplementary Planning Guidance and Supplementary Planning Documents)

* Document is currently being updated.

Site specific planning guidance (includes Supplementary Planning Guidance and Supplementary Planning Documents).

The documents above need to be read in conjunction with the National Planning Policy Framework published on 27 March 2012.

Emerging Local Plan documents and publications



Protecting and design

Infrastructure and delivery

Topic papers

We have produced a series of background documents called topic papers to set out how we have developed the key strategy within the draft Guildford borough Local Plan: strategy and sites document. All of the topic papers are available on ourNew Local Plan Themes page.


Supply of information to organisations for example research

  • General enquiries (one off charge) £68