Site inspections

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we've changed our site inspection service so we:

  • do not need to enter living accommodation
  • can follow social distancing rules

We inspect building work to make sure it meets building regulations requirements. We may also carry out routine site inspections without notifying you first. Our inspections should not be used instead of either:

  • full supervision
  • workmanship/quality checks

You'll need to arrange these yourself.

You, your agent, or your builder must tell us when work on your site reaches each of the statutory stages below. Give notice over the phone or in writing.

Site inspections are the same for full plans applications and building notices.

Site inspection notification

If your project involves any of the following stages, you must notify us so we can inspect the site. In most cases, you need to give a day's notice, but some inspections (such as occupation and completion inspections) require five days' notice.

If you request a site inspection between 8:30 and 9:30, we'll aim to complete the work on the same day.

To book an inspection, call 01483 444545 or email

Some calls to our customer services number are getting disconnected. We appreciate your patience whilst we fix this. You can still book a site visit by email.

Statuatory Site inspections

Stages of work at which you need to arrange a site inspection
Stage of workNotice requiredMore information


2 days


Before excavating foundations

1 day

We may visit more than once.

Before covering foundations

1 day

We can inspect this at the same time as the
covering of the oversite and/or the damp

Before covering oversite

1 day

We will check if you've made good
preparations and make sure the roof
membrane overlaps with the dpc course

Before covering the damp proof course
and/or membrane

1 day

We check the course has been laid correctly
and that it's the right height.

Laying drains (before covering drains/sewers)

1 day

We check all access, cleaning, and rodding
points. We advise you test the drains before

Testing drains for water tightness

1 day

You should use an air or water test for above
and below ground drainage (and all fittings).
Do the test after they've been covered.

Before occupation

5 days



5 days


Additional Site Inspection Notification

We also welcome notice of the following stages of work.

Stages of work at which we would appreciate notification

Stage of work

Notice required

More information

Before covering floor joists or structure

1 day


Before covering steel work or reinforcement

1 day


Before covering insulation

1 day

We check thermal, fire and sound insulation.

Before covering the roof

1 day


Before covering new electrical work

1 day

Only needed if the worker was not registered
with an authorised part P competent persons

Once electrical installation is complete

2 weeks

Only needed if the worker was not registered
with an authorised part P competent persons
scheme. After the installation, give notice so
our consultant can inspect and test the work.

Once someone registered with an
authorised Part P competent
persons scheme has finished
electrical safety tests


We need a competent person to issue a Building
Regulation Compliance Certificate within 30
days of the installation.