Sustainable Movement Corridor

Pedestrian cycle route improvements, Stag Hill Campus to Egerton Road.

Project description

Pedestrian and cycle improvements are being carried out between Tescos by Bannisters Field, the Stag Hill campus of the University and onwards towards the main rail station at Guildford.

Benefits of the project

These improvements will make walking and cycling better along this busy corridor which is especially well used by the University as it links up the campuses. 

Figure 1 below shows the location of the improvement works as a black dashed route:

Location of pedestrian and cycle improvement works

Figure 1. Location of the pedestrian and cycle improvement works.

Figures 2 to 5 below show the proposals in more detail from Ashenden Road in the west to Bembrick and Alresford Roads further east.

Ashenden Road along Egerton Road eastwards

Figure 2. Ashenden Rd (Tescos access) along Egerton Road eastwards.  Widening of the pedestrian and cycle route.

Egerton Road eastwards

Figure 3: Egerton Road eastwards and crossing the A3 in the subway. Widening of the pedestrian and cycle route and subway improvements.

Egerton Road eastwards to the Staghill Campus

Figure 4: Egerton Road eastwards to the Staghill Campus and southwards along the Chase.  Widening of the pedestrian and cycle route and subway improvements

The Chase southwards and eastwards

Figure 5: The Chase southwards and eastwards on the widened footpath to Benbrick and Alredford Roads.  Widening of the pedestrian and cycle route.


The funding for this phase of the project has been secured from the M3 Local Enterprise Partnership and Guildford Borough Council. 

The scope of the works

  • Kerb/edging works for footway/cycleway widening
  • Footway/cycleway widening with more sections segregated between cycles and pedestrians
  • Tree removal and trimming back vegetation
  • Laying High Friction Surfacing (HFS)/Anti-skid treatment in subways
  • New Street Lighting & CCTV
  • New street furniture including bollards and refuse bins
  • Construction of raised table on Ashenden Road

Duration of Works

The works are expected to take about 3 months, starting during September 2019 and completed in December 2019.

Diversion Routes for Pedestrians & Cyclists

The diversion routes will be in two main sections.

  • Between Ashenden Road and the A3 subway.  For this section pedestrians will be diverted via Asheden Road housing estate and the footway along the A3 that links back to the subway.
  • Between the two A3 subways.  A pedestrian and cycle route to the north of the existing route will be provided.

When the A3 subways are being improved some night working may extend these diversion routes.

There will also be some off peak highway road closures where the pedestrian and cycle route is adjacent to live traffic.  This is at Egerton Road for about 50m west of Ashenden Road, Ashenden Road itself and along the Chase. 

We will try and keep disruption to and minimum and apologise for any inconvenience caused during the construction.