The Effingham Neighbourhood Plan was adopted on 10 April 2018. It forms part of the development plan for our borough and helps decide planning applications. Find out how we helped you have your say and how the decision was reached.

Effingham Neighbourhood Area

The Effingham Neighbourhood Plan is the neighbourhood plan for the Effingham Neighbourhood Area. This area follows the boundary of Effingham ward and parish and is shown on the map below.

Read the Icon for pdf Effingham Neighbourhood Plan (Adopted Version). [14.49MB]

Read the Icon for pdf Decision Statement [93.7KB] that sets out the reasons for the decision to adopt the Effingham Neighbourhood Plan.

Timeline of events

1 February and 14 March 2012

The Council consulted on the proposed Effingham Neighbourhood Area between 1 February and 14 March 2012 and designated the neighbourhood area on 04 April 2013. See links to the consultation documents below.

Icon for pdf A copy of the application that was submitted to the Council [2.42MB]

Icon for pdf A summary of the consultation responses [60.53KB]

Icon for pdf The report that explains how this decision was reached [6.62MB]

4 April 2014

The Effingham Neighbourhood Area was designated.

6 May to 18 July 2016

Effingham Parish Council consulted on a draft version of the neighbourhood plan. It considered the comments received and produced a final version of the plan for submission to the Council.

3 March 2017

Effingham Parish Council submitted the plan to the Council.

20 March to 30 April 2017

We consulted on the plan and appointed an independent examiner to examine it. The examination took place from June to September 2017. The examiner recommended that the plan should go to a referendum after being amended, and that the referendum area should be the Effingham Neighbourhood Area (Effingham ward).

The Council accepted the examiner's recommendations and amended the plan, and agreed to hold a referendum.

Icon for pdf Effingham Neighbourhood Plan Examiner's Report. [1.43MB]

Icon for pdf Effingham Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement [496.14KB]

Icon for pdf Representations received during the Council's consultation on the plan [145.98KB]

Icon for pdf Statement from Guildford Borough Council submitted to the examiner [309.17KB]

Icon for pdf Effingham Neighbourhood Plan Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulations Determination [3.22MB]

22 February 2018

A referendum was held on the Effingham Neighbourhood Plan. Residents of the Effingham Neighbourhood Area who were able to vote in Council elections were able to vote in the referendum. A majority voted 'Yes' to the following question:

Do you want Guildford Borough Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Burpham to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

Icon for pdf Declaration of results [11.35KB]

Icon for pdf Information Statement [387.83KB] (including general information as to town and country planning)

Icon for pdf Basic conditions and compliance statement [14.85KB]

10 April 2018

The Council "made" (adopted) the Effingham Neighbourhood Plan.

Further information

If you wish to know more about neighbourhood planning in Effingham and cannot find the answers on the Council's website, please contact the Council's Planning Policy Team at planningpolicy@guildford.gov.uk or telephone 01483 444471.

For more information about neighbourhood planning, please visit the Council's neighbourhood planning page.

Additional information can also be found on the Effingham Parish Council website.