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The Effingham Neighbourhood Plan will be subject to a referendum on 22 February 2018.

Neighbourhood Plan referendum

Residents who live in the Effingham Neighbourhood Area (Effingham Parish and Ward) and are usually able to vote in Council elections will be able to vote. They will be asked whether Guildford Borough Council should use the Effingham Neighbourhood Plan (Referendum Version) to help it decide planning applications in the Effingham Neighbourhood Area.

Visit the Effingham Neighbourhood Plan Referendum page to see the plan and other referendum documents.

Neighbourhood Plan consultation and examination

Effingham Parish Council has produced a neighbourhood plan and submitted it to us. We consulted on this plan between 20 March and 30 April 2017. The comments received during the consultation can be seen on the consultation web page.

We are required to consider whether the plan needs an environmental assessment under the Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations (2004) and whether it needs an Appropriate Assessment under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations (2010). We have determined that neither of these assessments are required.

See the icon determinations and a statement of reasons for making them. [3.22MB] A printed copy of this document can be viewed at the Council office main reception.

The plan was examined by an independent examiner. The examiner's report recommends that the plan should be modified and then progressed to a referendum of eligible residents within the neighbourhood area.

See the icon Effingham Neighbourhood Plan Examiner's Report. [1.43MB]

See the icon Effingham Neighbourhood Plan Submission Report [148.01KB] to see the reasons for sending the plan for examination.

See the icon supporting document and statement [309.17KB] that we submitted to the examiner.

The Council has decided to modify the plan as recommended in the examiner's report and to progress the plan to a referendum of eligible registered voters within the Effingham Neighbourhood Area.

Read the icon Effingham Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement [496.14KB] which sets out the details of this decision and the reason for making it.

Find out more about neighbourhood plan examinations on the government's Planning Policy Guidance website.

Effingham Neighbourhood Area

The Effingham Neighbourhood Area follows the boundary of Effingham parish and ward. No other neighbourhood area may now be designated within this area.

Neighbourhood planning in Effingham parish is led by Effingham Parish Council. Anyone who lives, works, has a business or is an elected member within the neighbourhood area is entitled to get involved and help produce planning policies for the neighbourhood area.

Neighbourhood planning is a voluntary activity and there is no requirement for residents or businesses to be involved. Residents of the Effingham Neighbourhood Area who are usually eligible to vote there will be asked to approve any neighbourhood planning measures through a referendum, so residents who are not involved in the planning process will still be able to have a say over the planning policies that are brought into force.

If you wish to get involved in neighbourhood planning in Effingham parish please contact Effingham Parish Council using the following contact details:

Susan Morris, Clerk to Effingham Parish Council
Telephone: 01372 454911
Email: clerk2010@Effinghamparishcouncil.gov.uk

Effingham Parish Council website

Information about the neighbourhood plan can be found on the Effingham Village Plan website

Effingham Neighbourhood Area Consultation

The Council consulted on the proposal for a neighbourhood area between 1 February and 14 March 2012 and designated the neighbourhood area on 04 April 2013.

icon A copy of the application that was submitted to the Council [2.42MB] .

icon Copies of the 26 consultation responses [7.92MB] .

icon A summary of the consultation responses [60.53KB] .

Following the consultation and a period of consideration officers recommended designating the neighbourhood area as proposed. icon The report explains how this decision was reached [6.62MB] .

Further information

If you wish to know more about neighbourhood planning in Effingham and cannot find the answers on the Council's website, please contact the Council's Planning Policy Team at planningpolicy@guildford.gov.uk or telephone 01483 444471.

For more information about neighbourhood planning, please visit the Council's neighbourhood planning page.

Additional information can also be found on the Effingham Parish Council website.