Street Entertainment Code

Guildford welcomes street entertainers. You do not require a licence to busk in Guildford but please respect the guidelines below and read our Guide for Street Entertainers and Buskers on this page.

Street entertainment guidelines

  • Keep the volume at a reasonable level so local shops and businesses can continue their business without interruption.

  • Do not obstruct the flow of pedestrians on the pavement and leave access clear on the street at all times for emergency vehicles. Crowds can cause a problem with access. If you know your act will draw a large crowd, please choose an appropriate area that can accommodate them.

  • Please move to another pitch after two hours maximum. This helps keep complaints from shopkeepers to a minimum.

  • Move on, or stop performing, if requested to do so by a police officer or the council.

  • Please do not make use of street furniture, for example, lamp posts or public seats, during your performance.

  • We do not permit selling by street entertainers. You must not solicit contributions. This is begging and you could be prosecuted.

  • Please avoid the top end of the High Street near Abbot's Hospital. Elderly residents live here and there are also church services at Holy Trinity which make it preferable to play elsewhere.

  • Please check our Events calendar for any major events on the day you are planning to come.

For any queries, please contact: the Local Economy Manager, by emailing