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Disruption to water services

If you live in GU5 or GU6 you may be experiencing low water pressure or shortages. Visit Thames Water for updates and advice.

Tree survey/Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Method Statements/Tree Protection Plan

These surveys are required for any project where either:

  • there are trees on or overhanging the site
  • the work will impact trees

This includes applications to:

  • build driveways
  • build patios
  • lay drains
  • install other utilities

You're required to provide three things:

  • an Arboricultural Impact Assessment
  • an Arboricultural Method Statement
  • a Tree Protection Plan

Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA)

The AIA must include a tree survey and a plan showing which trees will be kept or removed. You should also include the trees (and any root protection areas) that will stay on your plans of the proposed new site layout.

You are required to have a qualified arboriculturalist (tree specialist) complete the AIA.

The AIA should show:

  • how you have taken the trees into account when designing your plans
  • what conflicts your project will cause with trees on site
  • any impacts of either:
    • your project
    • the changes to activity on the site your project will cause

Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)

The AMS should contain:

  • information of how you'll protect the trees you're keeping
  • schedules of the tree work you'll do
  • details of how you'll deal with the conflicts you mention in the AIA

Tree Protection Plan

A Tree Protection Plan should show the measures you'll put in place to protect the trees throughout the project's lifespan. These could include:

  • protective barriers
  • fences
  • ground protection methods

We recommend you use the methods set out in the current British Standard 5837 (from 2012). This will help make sure you minimise the conflicts between your project and any trees.