Local Plan: Development Management Policies

Following on from the adoption of the Local Plan: strategy and sites in 2019, we have now started to work on the second part of the Local Plan, the 'Local Plan: development management policies' document. This new document will provide further, more detailed planning policies to use when we determine planning applications.

Consultation stage

The 'Local Plan: development management policies' document is currently in the early stages of its production. We recently completed the Regulation 18 'Issues and Options' consultation stage, where we invited comments on the draft 'Local Plan: development management policies - Issues and Preferred Options' document (LPDMP).

This was the first chance for you to comment on the plan as it moves through the various stages of its production.

The document identifies a series of key issues for the borough and the policy options that could help address them. It then highlights our preferred policy options for potential development management policies that will guide decision-making on development applications across Guildford borough.

To view the document visit our consultation homepage.

How to have your say

We are now analysing all the comments we received which will inform the next version of the draft Local Plan: development management policies. Once we have uploaded the comments we received on our online consultation system, ensuring all necessary moderation, we will publish them for public viewing on the consultation homepage. We anticipate undertaking a Regulation 19 consultation in Spring 2021 where there will be a further opportunity to have your say.