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What are Local Land Charges?

Local Land Charges are rules that the owner of a piece of land must follow. Common Local Land Charges may:

  • restrict what the owner can use land for
  • restrict what building work the owner can do
  • stop the owner removing or changing a listed building or parts of the landscape

When a landowner takes out a mortgage, their bank or building society might add a new Local Land Charge. These Land Charges guarantee the bank or building society will get their money back when the land is sold.

Local Land Charges are laws. If the owner does not follow the Local Land Charges, they could be prosecuted.

Local Land Charges apply to the land itself, so they affect anyone who owns it. You must find out if there are any Local Land Charges when you:

  • buy land
  • remortgage a property
  • begin living somewhere new

To find out if land is contaminated, you may wish to carry out a contaminated land enquiry instead.

Since the charges do not appear on deeds, you'll need to perform a Local Authority Search to find out what they are. We recommend you ask your solicitor to organise this.