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Your council tax, benefits or business rates accounts will be offline

From 4pm on Friday 31 March until 5pm on Monday 3 April you will not be able to access your council tax, benefits or business rates accounts on MyGuildford. This is whilst we run our year end processes. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Apply for our pre-application advice

What is our pre-application advice service?

We have suspended the pre-application enquiry service for non-major developments. This will be for a temporary period. We will resume this service when we have cleared the backlog.

Making a planning application can be complex and challenging. Many people are unsure how to apply and want to make sure they do not waste their time and money. We offer a pre-application advice service to help you prepare your application.

Always remember to check for changes to national or local planning policy. Do not rely on pre-application advice given before planning policies changed. Do not rely on advice given more than one year ago.

Why use our service?

Using our service means you'll:

  • have a clearer idea about whether your planning application is likely to be successful
  • avoid the cost of a planning application if your proposal is likely to be unsuccessful
  • submit a better application, which will lead to better outcomes and a better development
  • reduce the time your professional advisors have to spend on your planning proposal

You can choose between different levels of pre-application advice. This means you'll get the help you want without spending more money than you need to.

You'll get advice from a trained planning officer. The officer can advise you how to overcome problems that might mean your application is rejected. If there's nothing wrong, the officer will suggest you make an application.

You can also tell us if you'd like a meeting on top of the other advice. Make sure to justify why this is the case. The case officer will decide whether or not a meeting would help and, if necessary, set a fee.