Budget consultation outcome

We have been working for some years to make sure that we deliver services in the most cost-effective way. This has already resulted in efficiency savings of £9 million and £6.8 million of additional income since 2013-14 and further efforts will continue to reduce the cost of our services.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has already had a major impact on finances and continues to do so.

The Council has spent an additional £4.5 million supporting our community through the crisis and have seen a reduction in income from car parking, leisure centres and other services of £8million.

We are currently working on the basis that we need to save another £3 million next year, rising to £4.2 million by 2023-24.

We asked you what your views were on where you think savings should be made and what our priorities for spending should be. We wanted to find out which services are important to you and which are not so important. See the results of the consultation below.

Consultation report 

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