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Household Support Fund applications are open

A grant of up to £300 per household is now available to residents with low income. It offers help with food, fuel bills and other related essentials.

Find out if you're eligible for the Household Support Fund and apply today.

Join the housing register

Apply to join the housing register

Housing register applicants

You will need to fill out the online form and upload the documents we need in your customer account under 'required documents'.

If you are unable to upload the documents online you can send them to

  • proof of identity for all household members. This should be one of the following: a copy of a passport, birth certificate, or photocard driving licence
  • proof of current address, for example, a recent utility bill
  • evidence of your right to live in the UK if you are not a British citizen. For example, a passport and other relevant Home Office documentation

You may also need to provide some or all of the following, depending on your circumstances and housing history:

  • proof that you no longer own, or have a financial interest in, a property in the UK or abroad. For example, a completion statement
  • proof of how you disposed of any equity you may have received from the sale of a property
  • proof that you do not owe money to a current or previous landlord
  • proof if you have a housing related debt
  • proof of your employment connection to the borough
  • proof of your family connection to the borough
  • proof that you are no longer the tenant of another social landlord

Our video will take you through the steps on how to apply to join the housing register.


Apply to be on the housing register


You need to create a housing portal account and apply for housing before you are able to bid for a property

You must make sure:

  • your application has been complete
  • you have uploaded all your documents and;
  • your application has been processed

If you are a Guildford borough council tenant you do not need proof of your clear rent account. Even if it is on your list of 'required documents'. We will check your rent account details for you once complete your application.