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Lost or stray dogs

Information on lost or stray dogs, microchipping, anti-social dog behaviour and dangerous dogs.

Dogbusters - lost or stray dogs

Dogbusters logo

If you are concerned about a lost or stray dog please call Dogbusters on 07769972813 (this is a 24 hours/seven days a week service). For more information, visit https://www.dogbusters.co.uk.

About stray dogs

A stray dog is one that is in a public place or on private land, with no owner present to control it. Most stray dogs in Guildford are people's pets that have run off.

As a council, we are legally required to impound stray dogs roaming the borough. We use a contractor called Dogbusters to do this.

We would like to reassure owners that dogs impounded in our borough will be housed in a licensed kennel where their welfare needs will be met. They will have a warm bed and be well fed. They will be bathed and taken to a vet if needed. Owners of dogs requiring a vet's care will be responsible for paying for this.

How to contact Dogbusters

You can call Dogbusters on 07769972813 (this is a 24 hours/seven days a week service).

Dogbusters will collect secured stray dogs that have been found in our borough.

Dogbusters care for the stray dogs we impound for seven days, after which time unclaimed dogs are found new homes. Dogbusters will scan each dog for a microchip and check collars and tags for identification and will contact the registered keeper as soon as possible.

If you have found a dog, then by law you must hand the dog in to the council for the area where the dog was found. Failing to hand in a stray dog may leave you open to allegations of theft and the original owner not knowing what happened to their pet. This can cause families a lot of distress. You may be allowed to keep the dog but you MUST present the stray to the council first, as described above.

To complain about a neighbour who regularly allows their dog to stray, use our dog issue online form. We look into these complaints using anti-social behaviour legislation.

Stray dog fees

The fees for caring for stray dogs are:

  • First day or part of: £120.00
  • Second day or part of: £140.00
  • Third day or part of: £161.00
  • Fourth day or part of: £189.00
  • Fifth day or part of: £218.00
  • Sixth day or part of: £247.00
  • Seventh day or part of: £285.00

Lost dogs

If you have lost a dog, contact Dogbusters on the mobile number 07769972813 (operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week). If they have your dog, they will let you know. If your dog has been impounded, a fee must be paid before the dog can be returned.

This fee includes a Government fee and is set by us. Once this fee is paid, Dogbusters will deliver your dog back to you.

If they do not have your dog, Dogbusters will keep your details and contact you if they find your dog.

You may also want to register your dog as missing on www.doglost.co.uk/. Please note that Doglost is not our website and we cannot be responsible for any content within it.

Call charges

Please note that calls to mobiles are charged between 10p and 20p per minute from landlines and are typically not included in free call packages.

Call costs from mobiles vary according to the calling plan chosen and may cost between 3p and 55p per minute.

Calls between mobile phones are normally included in free call packages.

Antisocial dogs

The Council now have powers to deal with dog owners under the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

Antisocial dog behaviour can include:

  • Dogs straying or roaming from a property

  • Dog fouling

  • Dog noise

  • Dogs not kept under proper control

  • Dogs causing annoyance

  • Dogs attacking other dogs / pets / animals

If you are being bothered by any of the above, you can report an antisocial dog using our dog issue online form.

The initial step we take is to send a letter to the owner. If the behaviour continues we may then issue a notice, which if breached could result in the owner being taken to court.

If you have reported the issue and you are concerned that not enough is being done, you can raise a 'Community Trigger'.

The Community Trigger helps you get a review of your case by ourselves, the police and other parties, such as the housing provider. The review will focus on working together to find a solution.

Dangerous dogs

A dangerous dog is one that causes you or another person injury or reasonable apprehension of injury.

Aggressive or dangerously out of control dogs should be reported to the Police by calling 101, or in an emergency, 999.

Dog warden
Compulsory dog microchipping

It is a legal requirement that all dog keepers have their dogs microchipped and registered on one of the authorised databases. For more information please see our page on dog microchipping.

Dog fouling

We have made a icon 'Public Spaces Protection Order' [37.75KB]  to control dog fouling, using the 'Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014'. Under this Order, dog walkers must clean up immediately after their dogs foul in all public areas of the borough.

We patrol areas that have been reported as fouled and will look into signage, bins, clearance and, as appropriate, highlight fouling using a chalk-based red spray paint.

If you want to report someone who does not clean up after their dog, or to let us know about an area that is fouled, you can report dog fouling with our online form. All details are confidential.

People caught failing to clean up will be given a fixed penalty notice. If this is not paid within 14 days, or if the same person is caught in the future, we will prosecute. Dog fouling is an offence and carries a fine of up to £1,000. People who leave bagged dog waste on land/ trees and bushes will be dealt with for the offence of leaving litter.

Noisy dogs

You can find advice on noisy dogs on Government's dog web page.

If you are being regularly disturbed by a noisy dog, you can report it using our Noise nuisance form.