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Land Availability Assessment (LAA)

The Land Availability Assessment (LAA) is an assessment of the amount of land that is available and suitable to meet our Borough's housing and employment needs. It  estimates the number of homes or amount of floor space that could be built on available sites and when the development is likely to be delivered.

The role of the LAA is to:

  • identify sites and locations that could be used for housing and economic development over the plan period (2020 - 2035),
  • assess how much development each site could accommodate, and
  • assess how suitable they are for development and how likely it is that the homes or floorspace will be built over the plan period (2020 - 2035).

The document includes:

  • a list of all sites or locations considered, cross-referenced to their locations on maps;
  • a trajectory (or guideline) showing the number of homes expected to be built each year over the plan period (2020 - 2034);
  • an assessment of the suitability, availability and achievability of each site;
  • a plan of each site showing the assumed boundary; and
  • an idea of how much housing or development would be possible on each suitable site.

You can view the documents here:

icon Land Availability Assessment (2020) [886.42KB]

icon Appendix 1: Methodology [239.29KB]

icon Appendix 2: Realistic Candidates for Development [20.73MB]

icon Appendix 3: Discounted Sites [13.73MB]

icon Appendix 4: Sites with Planning Permission [869.22KB]

icon Appendix 5: Student Accommodation [727.6KB]

icon Appendix 6: Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation [1.26MB]

icon Appendix 7: Site Delivery [799.49KB]

icon Appendix 8: Five Year Housing Land Supply (superseded by document below) [762.94KB]

icon Updated five year housing land supply [187.21KB]

To obtain a hard copy (fees apply), please contact us by calling: 01483 444471, or emailing: planningpolicy@guildford.gov.uk.

If you wish to submit a new site for consideration for inclusion in a future update of the Land Availability Assessment (LAA), then please complete the site suggestion form at the link below and send it to us using the contact details on the form. We will also require a map of the proposed site boundary. We accept submissions all year round. Where appropriate, sites submitted to us by this date will also be considered for inclusion in the next update of the Brownfield Land Register.

icon LAA and Brownfield Land Register Site suggestion form [22.48KB]

Sites should be a minimum size of 0.25ha or be able to accommodate five or more homes suitably to be considered for inclusion in the LAA or Brownfield Land Register. Sites in the LAA may alternatively accommodate a minimum of 500 sq. m of non-residential floor space instead of, or as well as, the minimum five or more homes. For more information on the role of the LAA, please see the LAA 2017 document at the link above.

If you would like to discuss any of the current sites in the LAA or Brownfield Land Register, or discuss potential new sites, please contact Planning Policy on 01483 444471.

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

We are required to produce a Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) in order to have a better understanding of our housing needs. We also need to work with our neighbours when producing it, as housing market areas will often span multiple local council areas. Our housing market area covers Guildford, Waverley and Woking borough councils. The SHMA will help inform our new Local Plan by helping us understand how many homes we need and what type. The joint icon West Surrey SHMA [131.84KB] brief is available to view. We have now published our final SHMA which replaces our previous draft Guildford SHMA and draft West Surrey SHMA, which are still available to view on our Historical evidence page.

The Joint West Surrey SHMA produced in 2015 remains a key part of our evidence base. We have produced a factual update that sits alongside and complements the Joint SHMA, known as the icon West Surrey SHMA Guildford Addendum Report 2017 [585.71KB] . It takes into account the latest population and household projections, mid-year population estimates and the economic projections which have been updated in light of Brexit.

We have also prepared a icon Review of Housing Needs Evidence across West Surrey HMA (2017) [654.02KB] , which seeks to bring together the various strands of evidence that now exists across the Housing Market Area (HMA) in relation to the objectively assessed housing need.

In accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) it is important to note that the SHMA assesses our housing need only. It does not take account of any constraints in being able to meet this need. As we progress the Local Plan we will take account of other factors such as sustainability, site availability, infrastructure capacity and environmental designations in formulating our housing target. It is important that we have an understanding of the full housing needs of our area as the NPPF states that we should take every opportunity to meet this need. This includes working with our neighbouring councils to see whether any unmet need can be met elsewhere.

Traveller Accommodation Assessment

The Travellers' Accommodation Assessment identifies the number of pitches for Gypsies and Travellers and plots for Travelling Showpeople that are needed within our borough.

For planning purposes Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople, are collectively referred to as 'travellers'. Gypsies and Travellers tend to call the land they live on a 'pitch' and Travelling Showpeople call it a 'plot or yard'.

To assess our travellers' accommodation needs we produce a travellers' accommodation assessment.

Our current Travellers' Accommodation Assessment is dated 2017. Our consultants, Mill Field Services, talked to local travellers to find out the facts about any overcrowding, whether travellers are doubled-up on pitches or plots, and what the likely housing needs of young adults are over the next five years. These interviews took place between 16 January and 1 February 2017.

The feedback from the interviews and other data was analysed to calculate the need for new pitches and plots in Guildford Borough, and the details are set out in the Travellers' Accommodation Assessment. You can find out more about how we involved stakeholders in the process in the icon Traveller Accommodation Assessment Consultation Record 2017. [906.05KB] .

You can download a copy of the icon Traveller Accommodation Assessment 2017 [1.0MB] , or you can see a paper copy at our main reception.

Paper copies are priced at £6.65 for a black and white copy; £15.65 for a colour copy.