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Apply for a pavement licence

What you need to know

Pavement licences currently expire on the 30th September. You will need to make a new application to extend your licence to the 30th September 2022 . The new licence will have the same terms and you will have to pay the fee which is £100.

  • you must be a food business to apply for a pavement licence. This can be selling food on or off your premises
  • we will make a decision on your licence within seven days 
  • you cannot appeal a refused licence 
  • you will not get a refund if your licence is refused
  • your application will be automatically granted if we do not make a decision
  • the licence will last until 30 September 2021. If your licence expires then you need to make a new application to extend it to the 30th September 2022 . The new licence will have the same terms and you will have to pay the fee which is £100.

The pavement licence on its own does not allow you to trade. You must apply for:

  • a premises licence if you are selling alcohol or late-night refreshments
  • a club premises certificate if you are supplying alcohol
  • a street trading consent if you are selling items in the street. This includes selling food or drink

We offer pre-application advice on this licence.

You can view ourrecently received pavement licence applications.


The application fee is £100

How to advertise your application

You must:

  • advertise your application at the end of the next working day after you have submitted it. This is when the seven day consultation starts. Use this  notice (Word doc) [17KB]  to advertise your application
  • take a photo of the notice in place and send it to
  • tell any residents and businesses that your application may affect. This is important so people can let you know their concerns
  • talk to other nearby businesses who may be applying for a pavement licence. It's better if you're not applying for the same pavement area for use at the same time

Apply for a pavement licence

The following documents are needed to submit your application:

After you submit your application

When we receive your application, we will contact the relevant organisations. 

Please read the pavement licensing policy (Word doc) [233KB] for any further details.