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Shalford Common Consultation

We are consulting on the management of Shalford Common. The consultation will cover how it will be protected and necessary improvements. The consultation time has been extended and will run until 31 December 2020.

How to have your say

Please read the background information below before filling in the survey.

Complete the survey here: Shalford Common Survey

All responses are anonymous. We're working with an independent agency, SMSR, who will process your replies on our behalf.

If you have any questions about this consultation, please check our frequently asked questions below, or:

Please use the above email/phone number to ask for a paper version of the consultation.

Why we are consulting

We are aiming to draw up an action plan setting out measures to address:

We own the freehold of Shalford Common ("the Common"). It's common land. The statutory regulation of common land is set out in the Commons Act 2006.

The Common has had increasing problems with unauthorised access and parking for many years. We get regular complaints about parked cars on the Common. This includes parking on access tracks, which is in breach of commons legislation.

We'll consider your feedback and use it to help inform decisions on the future use of the Common. We're considering options for seven priority areas around Shalford Common (go to the consultation to see maps of the areas).

We'd like your opinion on the best way to manage access and parking in each area.

Should a preferred option need third party consents to be put in place, we'll use this consultation as a pre-consultation. It will support applications for consents for Common Land and Byelaws from DEFRA.

Common Land consent and introduction of new byelaws will need statutory consultations. Byelaws are rules made by a local authority or corporation that regulate themselves. The icon proposed byelaws [55.5KB]  would replace the icon existing byelaws [17.33KB] . They would cover:

  • Shalford Common
  • Peasmarsh Common
  • Tilthams Corner
  • Trunley Heath
  • part of Gosden Common

If proposals include the removal of land from the registered Common, we will propose registering a new area of land as Common Land. You can see this as area on the map in the survey. This would involve clearing this area of land for public access.

More information

Please read the icon Executive Report about this project [399.74KB] .

faq icon 24380 Can I request a paper form?

Yes, but the best way to respond to this consultation is by using the online form. Read more >

faq icon 24385 What is Common Land?

Registered Commons are land areas that are legally registered as Common Land in the Commons Register. Not every area that is called a 'Common' is registered common land. Read more >

faq icon 24384 What is an easement?

An easement is a right to use another person's land for a stated purpose. It gives permission to access the Common Land with a vehicle, in order to drive to a property off the Common Land. It does not give the right to park on the easement land. The cost of granting an easement depends on the value that is added to the property and legal fees.

faq icon 24383 Why are only six areas of the Common mentioned?

We have chosen target areas where there have been ongoing encroachment problems for a number of years. Read more >

faq icon 24382 I thought that a drop-in session was planned for residents to discuss the proposals

Due to uncertainty and the changing Covid-19 restrictions, we will not be holding a drop-in session. Read more >

faq icon 24381 Will this consultation cover traffic management around Shalford and parking in the car parks and on the roads?

No, this consultation covers the management of the Common Land as public green space for recreation. Read more >

faq icon 24405 What does introducing parking controls at the recycling car park mean?

We are consulting as to whether residents would like to see controls in the car park that regulate car parking. If introducing controls is supported in the consultation, we will develop further proposals. 'Controls' could include, for example, time-restrictions or parking charges. Please give your comments in the comments box in the relevant section of the survey.

faq icon 24406 What does third party consent mean?

We do not have the authority to carry out certain changes to the common land without consent from the Secretary of State. Putting in parking controls, removing common land, adding common land and adding highway are all changes that need consent. We can only do this after the consultation has decided what management options are supported in Shalford.