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Apply for a caravan site licence

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Do I need a caravan site licence?

Sites used for holiday caravans and camping need a licence from us to operate. The licence includes conditions which require fire safety, toilet and washing facilities for campers. 

You do not need a licence to run a caravan site if:

forestry workers, builders or seasonal workers (like fruit pickers) stay in caravans on the site

the site is five or more acres and there are three or less caravans there for 28 days or less a year

you're a member of an organisation like a caravan club and have a caravan exemption certificate

your site is approved by an organisation with a caravan exemption certificate

members of an exempt organisation stay in their caravans on the site


If you use land for a caravan site you may need planning permission.

Every site licence has conditions. Some of these conditions may include:

  • how the site should be laid out
  • what type of caravans are allowed
  • what toilet and washing facilities should be provided

Once issued, we can change the licence conditions at any time. We will give licence holders opportunity to make representation about any proposed changes.

A compliance notice may be served upon a site owner if the conditions are not met. If the terms of the notice are not met you may be prosecuted.

In situations where the owner has failed to meet site conditions, we may decide to take action ourselves. We would then charge the owner for the costs of carrying out the work. There is also a right to appeal if the site owner thinks that it was not necessary for the action to be taken. 

Standard site licence conditions for residential parks (PDF) [70KB]

Standard site licence conditions for recreational parks (PDF) [37KB]


See the tables below for the licence fees from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. Please also read our fee policy. (PDF) [84KB]  for more information. 

We aim to process the licence within two months of receiving a complete application. This is reduced to 6 weeks if the proposed licence holder is receiving planning consent, and the licence application has been submitted before this. In some circumstances this may be extended. We will write to you if this will happen.

Please contact us if you wish to make changes to your licence, as this may also require a fee.

Fees for new caravan site licence applications 2020-2021
New licence applicationCost
Number of pitches: 1 - 5£375
Number of pitches: 6 - 15£391
Number of pitches: 16 - 45£516
Number of pitches: 46 or more£563


Fees for transfer of existing caravan licences for 2020-2021
Transfer of existing licenceCost
Number of pitches: 1 - 5£136
Number of pitches: 6 - 15£136
Number of pitches: 16 - 45£136
Number of pitches: 46 or more£136


Fees for varying a caravan site licence 2020-2021
Application to vary a site licenceCost
Number of pitches: 1 - 5£236
Number of pitches: 6 - 15£252
Number of pitches: 16 - 45£283
Number of pitches: 46 or more£379


Annual licence fee 2020-2021
Annual licence feeCost
Number of pitches: 1 - 5£86
Number of pitches: 6 - 15 £124
Number of pitches: 16 - 45 £206
Number of pitches: 46 or more £333


Fees for deposit of site rules 2020-2021
Deposit of site rulesCost
Number of pitches 1 - 5 £35
Number of pitches: 6 - 15£35
Number of pitches: 16 - 45£35
Number of pitches: 46 or more£35



Will tacit consent apply?

Yes. We aim to process applications as soon as possible. Caravan sites can continue to operate while we process the applications.

Failed applications

We can refuse the licence if:

  • there is no planning consent
  • the courts have prevented a licence being issued
  • the licence applicant has had a site licence revoked within the previous three years

Or other reasons prescribed in the Mobile Homes Act 2013. If we refuse to issue or transfer a licence we will give written reasons for this.

If your licence is refused or you wish to appeal against a licence condition, you may appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber). The appeal must be made within 28 days of being issued with the licence. For licence changes the licence holder must appeal within 28 days of being notified in writing of change being refused. We recommend that you contact us in the first.


Apply/transfer a caravan site licence

These forms will guide you through applying for a new caravan site licence or transferring an existing licence:

New application

Transfer an existing caravan licence

The application for a transfer must be supported by the existing licence holder, this is a legal requirement.