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Slyfield community recycling centre closure

The Slyfield community recycling centre will be closed from 15 June to 30 June 2024 for essential maintenance. Find out more about alternative community recycling centres. (opens new window)

Apply for a pavement licence

Apply for a pavement licence

The following documents are needed to submit your application:

  • plan of area 
  • evidence of right to occupy area
  • images of furniture and any other objects (e.g. chairs, umbrellas)
  • proof of public liability insurance
  • plan showing the location of the premises outlined by a red line
  • evidence of the notice displayed

To renew a licence without any changes you will need to provide:

  • proof of public liability insurance

Start your application

To make this application you will need to:

  1. create an account, or log in to the licensing portal
  2. after logging in select 'licensing' from the side menu
  3. select 'Business and Planning'
  4. you can then select the licence to apply for or renew

Apply for a Pavement Licence (opens new window)

After you submit your application

When we receive your application, we will contact the relevant organisations. 

Please read the pavement licensing policy (PDF) [343KB] for any further details.