Add, change, or remove a property name

We control the names of streets and properties in the borough. To decide on applications, we use:

  • our own street naming and numbering policy
  • the National Land and Property Gazeteer

You can add, change, or remove the name of an existing property online. To do so, you must be either the:

✔ the property owner

✔ the property owner's agent

You cannot add, change, or remove a property name if you are a:

prospective buyer


You cannot remove a property's name if it does not already have a property number to use instead. New names cannot be similar to the names of other properties nearby.

We cannot give a fixed timescale for deciding on your application, but we'll make any changes we approve as soon as possible.

If your changes mean a new address needs to be created, apply to register a new address instead.

Add, change, or remove a property name

Read more information in:

  • the Public Health Act 1925 (sections 17, 18 and 19)
  • the Town Improvement Clauses Act 1847 (sections 64 and 65)