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Slyfield community recycling centre closure

The Slyfield community recycling centre will be closed from 15 June to 30 June 2024 for essential maintenance. Find out more about alternative community recycling centres. (opens new window)

Neighbourhood planning in Burpham

The Burpham Neighbourhood Area follows the boundary of Burpham ward. No other neighbourhood area may now be designated within this space.  

The boundary of the neighbourhood area changed on 13 October 2023 to match the change to the ward boundary in May that year. This does not affect the area covered by the Burpham Neighbourhood Plan 2016. The plan will continue to cover the old neighbourhood area and ward boundary until it is replaced or reviewed. 

Neighbourhood planning in Burpham is led by the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum. The forum was designated on 13 October 2023.

Burpham Neighbourhood Plan 

You can learn more about the Burpham Neighbourhood Plan on the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum website (opens new window).

Read the  Burpham Neighbourhood Plan (PDF) [10MB] .

Read our  Decision Statement (PDF) [93KB] (why we decided to adopt the plan) 

Learn more about the history of neighbourhood planning in Burpham

Contact details for the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum

Christian Holliday (Chairman)



Jim Allen (Technical Co-ordinator)


Telephone: 01483 574 138