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Car clubs - a flexible alternative to car ownership

The Guildford Car Club offers a convenient alternative to owning your own car.

A car club allows you to borrow cars on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

Clubs provide a pool of locally parked cars that are available to all members and can be booked online, over the phone, or via a phone app.

You pay an hourly rental and fuel charge as you use them.

Guildford Car Club

There are eight car club cars available in central Guildford, giving residents easy access to a range of efficient vehicles.

Find car club locations by visiting the Enterprise Car Clubs website.

The Guildford cars are located in their own designated parking bays, so you simply return the car to its bay at the end of your booking. They are in convenient locations, near to where people live or work.

Car club cars are accessible to members 24/7, 365 days a year and can be booked online, by a smart phone app or phone, with as little as a few minutes' notice.

Cars can be booked for a quick half hour trip or for a weekend away.

How to join

We are working in partnership with Surrey County Council and Enterprise Car Club on this scheme, with funding from the Department for Transport.

To find out more, or join the scheme, visit the Enterprise Car Club website or call Enterprise on 0345 266 9260.

Surrey residents are being offered a discounted annual membership for just £10 (normally £60), with a two hour driving credit. Just quote the promotional code SURREY44 when you join online or by phone. Visit the Enterprise Car Club website for more information.

Cutting harmful emissions

One of the aims of the clubs is to cut air pollution and congestion. The cars are low or ultra low emission, with three of them being electric.

To re-charge, the cars are plugged into electric vehicle fast charge points at the bays.