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Get the latest government advice about coronavirus. Advice for local residents and business can be found on our coronavirus information page.

Monitoring the Local Plan

We want to measure the progress we've made in preparing and delivering Local Plan policies. The documents below help inform reviews of our Local Plan. The monitoring process reports:

  • how we're working with other local authorities to deliver Local Plan policies
  • information we've collected which shows what progress we're making
  • policies we are not currently applying

Five Year Housing Land Supply (5YHLS)

Our Local Plan outlines how many houses we need to provide every year to meet demand. We use the Land Availability Assessment to:

  • survey potential housing sites in Guildford
  • identify which of these sites could be developed in the next five years (called 'deliverable' sites)

Every year, we update the supply of deliverable sites to make sure we can meet our housing requirements. Read our latest Icon for pdf Five Year Housing Land Supply Position [187.21KB].

Housing Delivery Test (HDT)

The HDT is an annual measurement of how many homes we've delivered over the last three years. We compare this figure to the number of homes we should have built over the same period.

The 2020 HDT found we had delivered 90% of our housing requirement between 2017 and 2020. We therefore prepared an action plan to:

·         assess why we could not meet the national target of 95%

·         identify how we can increase delivery in the future

Read our latest Icon for pdf Housing Delivery Action Plan [434.04KB].

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Authority Monitoring Reports (AMR)

Our Authority Monitoring Reports (previously called Annual Monitoring Reports) include:

  • progress of Local Plan preparation
  • activity relating to our duty to cooperate with other local authorities
  • implementation of Local Plan policies
  • implementation of Neighbourhood Plans

Read the reports below: