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Guildford town centre views supplementary planning document

This supplementary planning document (SPD) provides guidance to planners, developers, designers and decision makers on how to manage change to key views with the aim of retaining the character of Guildford and what makes it special, including the ability to appreciate key heritage assets and to understand the relationship of Guildford with its landscape setting.

The focus of the SPD is Guildford town centre, which is defined by the 'town centre boundary' Guildford Local Plan: strategy and sites (2015 - 2034). Some views have been identified from locations outside of the town centre, but are generally focused towards the town centre.

The SPD was formally adopted by the Council's Executive on 24 September 2019. The following are available to view:

The committee report, SPD and supporting documents including the consultation statement and summary of changes made to the draft SPD, which are available on the agenda page for the Executive meeting.

Background documents to the item include:

The Council consulted on the SPD during June and July 2019 and comments helped inform the preparation of the final SPD for adoption.