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Information for current licence holders

Licence conditions and byelaws

All licences have conditions attached to them (see the documents below for details). We also have byelaws which relate to hackney carriages.

icon Hackney carriage byelaws [135.82KB]

icon Standard hackney carriage vehicle licence conditions [151.01KB]

icon Standard private hire vehicle licence conditions [155.99KB]

icon Standard private hire driver licence conditions [212.76KB]

icon Standard private hire operator's licence conditions [160.88KB]

It is a legal requirement that all vehicle proprietors report any accident which could materially affect the safety, performance or appearance of the vehicle, or the comfort or convenience of the driver or passengers, within 72 hours to the licensing team.

All accidents should be reported using our  icon accident report form [188.17KB] which can be left at our main reception, or emailed to licensing@guildford.gov.uk.

Taxi Advisory Group meetings

The next Taxi Advisory Group (TAG) meeting has not been scheduled yet, we will update current licence holders when a date has been confirmed.